February 27, 2021

The possible successor of the Governor of Puerto Rico says that tomorrow the page will be turned

The lawyer Pedro Pierluisi, nominated Secretary of State and one of the possible substitutes for the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, addressed the Puerto Rican people Thursday who said he had faith that as of tomorrow "we will start turning the page of the unfortunate events of the past weeks. "

"Today more than ever our people need a sensible and receptive leadership, firm, but at the same time sensitive, so that the government meets your needs, provides you with the services you deserve and responds to your aspirations," he said in a message from video.

The crisis generated after the recent resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico, whose resignation is made official on Friday, worsened on Thursday after the House of Representatives and the Senate of the island decided to postpone the confirmation of Pierluisi as secretary of state to different days , and therefore, governor.

"I know that you were hoping that this appointment would be attended today. I understand it. It is logical. To you, everyone, we need certainty and tranquility," he said.

"Our people deserve an agile and orderly process for the replacement of the Governor," he said.

He also indicated that it is due to the people of the island: "You know me and you know that from the public service I have always worked putting Puerto Rico first. In the midst of this storm that we have all been living, I have placed myself at your disposal, offering you the best of me, to take us to safe harbor. "

After thanking the House of Representatives for having summoned him tomorrow to answer any questions and "address any concerns regarding my appointment," he said that Puerto Rico knows his "service sheet as Secretary of Justice for four years and as Resident Commissioner for eight years. "

Years, he said, in which he advocated "for you from those positions, and when I am your governor, my loyalty will remain with you, and I will defend you wherever, before the federal government, before the Fiscal Board and before anyone! That work experience because of our people, as well as my years in private practice, they make me feel fully qualified to take the reins of our government. There is much to be done and we have no time to lose. "

"You and all the people have expressed themselves. They have asked for unity of purpose, clear priorities and sensitivity towards their needs. I have listened to you and you are my north," he said, while he was confident that with the "favor of God I can soon begin serving you, now as your governor. "

"Together we will make Puerto Rico shine again," he concluded.

The succession is still in the air.

Constitutional mandate should be succeeded by the Secretary of State, currently vacant, followed by the Secretary of Justice, a position held by Wanda Vázquez.

On Wednesday, Rosselló proposed Pierluisi as a candidate for the secretary of state, who swore his position in the absence of being confirmed this Thursday by the Legislative Assembly.

However, the House of Representatives postponed the decision until tomorrow, while the Senate will do so on Monday.

The questions arise from the interpretation that legislators, analysts, lawyers and local media themselves make of the Constitution of Puerto Rico and an amendment to Law 7 of 1952 that establishes the succession to the position of governor.

The Magna Carta indicates that a secretary of state that has not been confirmed by the Senate and the House of Representatives can act as interim governor if the governor's temporary absence occurs.

After the meeting of the Legislative Assembly, the president of the House of Representatives, Carlos Méndez, said in a press conference that the mere fact that one of the two Chambers rejects Pierluisi's proposal as secretary of state does not allow him to be governor.

For his part, the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera, said that "there is no constitutional crisis since Pierluisi was already sworn" yesterday, in the absence of his confirmation today, which finally has not been carried out.

However, he did not answer questions from the opposition senators, who would take over the governorship.

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