Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The possible closure of Ence poses a hostile scenario for thousands of people in Galicia

The possible closure of Ence poses a hostile scenario for thousands of people in Galicia

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The Galician wood value chain has today offered a press conference in Pontevedra with the aim of assess the consequences that the Ence march would have for the Galician economy and rural.

Representing the chain were José Manuel Iglesias, president of the Cluster of Madeira e or Deseño de Galicia; Elier Ojea, president of the Business Federation of Wood Sawmills and Rematants of Galicia; Daniel Díaz, president of the Business Association of 1st Transformation of the province of Lugo; and Patricia Sánchez, technician of the Forest Sectorial Association of Galicia.

In the course of the appearance, the spokesmen of the chain showed their great preoccupation by the damage already caused with the uncertainty that the current situation has generated in thousands of families and professionals in the sector, as well as with the retraction of investments that were already planned in the sector, both by the company and by the network associated with its activity. In this line, from the chain appreciate a great anguish on the part of the families and professionals of the sector that see their livelihood at risk, as well as the payment of investments, both made and planned.

In this sense, the chain does not understand the incongruence on the part of some political parties that defend the closure in Pontevedra (since a transfer is not possible, as confirmed by independent experts' reports) and, on the other hand, oppose the closure of Alcoa and Meirama, without taking into account the great importance of Ence for the sector forestry and having demonstrated, amply, to comply with all the demanding environmental standards, to the point that the Fishermen's Associations of Pontevedra support the extension of Ence.

The chain regrets that the closure of Ence would mean the loss of 5,100 jobs in Galicia, more than 2,000 jobs in the forestry sector, which contribute to set the population in rural areas.

Further, its march would mean the loss of 90 million euros, distributed in the forest value chain: forest owners, companies of selvicutura, forest exploitation, rematantes, carriers, nurseries ... This figure would have been significantly increased, if the Government had not affected, with its decision, to the development, in Pontevedra, of the strategic plan announced by Ence at the beginning of the year.

Finally, the Galician wood value chain affirmed that If Ence closes, the forestry sector will be in a devastating situation, having lost one of its tractor axles, which would lead to an increase in the abandonment of the forest and, consequently, to the increase of fires and impacting, very negatively, on the wood market. Likewise, he showed his solidarity with the thousands of families who are living this moment of uncertainty.


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