September 26, 2020

The Portuguese airline TAP cancels a thousand flights in March and April for the coronavirus

The Portuguese airline TAP announced today the cancellation of 1,000 flights scheduled for March and April due to a sharp drop in demand caused by the coronavirus, especially in its operations in Italy.

The company explains in a statement that the volume of reservations for March and April presents “significant bankruptcies relatively to last year” and that in the face of the “sharp” fall it has proceeded to the “immediate cancellation of flights with lower demand, reducing capacity by a 4% in March and 6% in April. “

In total, it means “about a thousand flights” less.

The airline notes that these cancellations “especially affect the operation for cities in the most affected regions, especially Italy,” although the Spanish and French markets are also affected.

Given the situation, TAP advances that “it will contact all the passengers affected by these cancellations” to find alternatives to the affected trips.

In an attempt to mitigate the economic impact of this massive suspension, the airline also announced the “suspension of all non-critical investments, the review and cutting of non-essential business expenses or the suspension of contracts and new admissions.”

The cancellation of flights by the coronavirus is a second blow for the Portuguese company in just one month, after the 90-day suspension of its operations in Venezuela, decreed by the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

A measure that will have an impact of 10 million euros for the company, according to estimates by the airline itself, whose largest shareholder is the Portuguese State.


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