The Port of Las Palmas registers a decrease of 7.23% in traffic in March

The Port of Las Palmas registers a decrease of 7.23% in traffic in March

However, total traffic grew by 12.72% in the first three months of the year compared to the same period in 2021

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port traffic in the Port of Las Palmas recorded a
decrease of 7.23 percent in March in relation to the same month of 2021yes ok
total traffic grew 12.72 percent in the first three months of this year compared to the same period in 2019, the year before the pandemic.

As reported on Wednesday by his
Port Authority In a statement, despite the drop in traffic in March, there was an increase in
bunkering (fuel supply) 20.52 per cent; of the passengers in regular line, with a rise of 51.44 percent; and ro-ro (vessels that transport trucks or vehicles), 26.91 percent in units and 27.34 percent in tons.

According to the note,
freight traffic fell by 9.86 percent (cabotage grew by 5.51 percent while that from abroad fell by 16.69 percent) and containers fell by 15.41 percent (-24.71 percent for TEU transits).

In both cases, it is worth noting that the decrease is concentrated in OPCSA which, in a clear commitment to its competitiveness in the Port of Las Palmas, has announced the purchase of two MalaccaMax cranes, the largest in the market due to their size and capacity, for operate from October 2023 and give a
better service to regular traffic and larger shipsthe note points out.

The Port Authority also considers that this renovation of the cranes will stabilize the activity and the quality of the service of the terminal in the medium term.

Between the months of January to March of this year, compared to the same period of 2019 (year before covid-19),
total traffic in the port of Las Palmas grew by 12.72 percent.

In addition, in these first three months of 2022, regular line passenger traffic increased by 7.98 percent; the tons of goods grew by 13.59 percent; frozen fish did 31.33 percent; the
bunkering rose 4.18 percent; TEUs rose 14.51 percent; and the ro-ro gained 2.38 percent in units and 2.38 percent in tons.

As for the activity registered in the Las Palmas ports as a whole, the growth in total traffic is maintained in the accumulated figures for January-March 2022-2019, with 10.41 percent (pre-pandemic figures), and for 2022 -2021, with 2.68 percent.

In the whole of the Port Authority, in the accumulated until March 2022-2021, passenger traffic increased by 149.06 percent (60.38 percent in the regular line regime and 403.60 percent in cruises ); the tons of merchandise grew by 1.43 percent; frozen fish did 16.10 percent; the «bunkering» rose 12.36 percent; TEUs fell ‐8.83 percent; and the ro-ro grew 25.35 percent in units and 27.25 percent in tons.

The president of the Port Authority of Las Palmas (APLP), Luis Ibarra, considered that these figures reflect "the intensity, in real time, and the type of activity that the various economic sectors carry out in the Canary Islands, since we are the great gateway entry of supplies and raw materials'.

“When our ports operate with such a positive trend over time it usually indicates that local economies are on the move; It is great news and an opportunity for everyone », he added.

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