The popularity of bootcamps sweeps the digital environment

The rise of bootcamp courses among the youngest

Bootcamps are one intensive programs of vocational training that seek to train students in specific technical skills in a short time. Although there are different durations and prices, the most common are from 3 weeks to 3 months for 6,000 to 8,000 euros, although now this area is opening up to other possibilities.

The knowledge that are taught are related to fields such as software programming, web design or data analysis. It should be noted that bootcamps may or may not be accredited, but in most cases they have a internship system highly valued by companies, since a lot of dedication is required to understand the agenda in such a short time. Likewise, the skills acquired are the most demanded in the working market, Therefore, it facilitates their immediate incorporation at the end of their studies.

Currently, with the digital age, this sector has become very popular, even within the companies themselves, which seek skilled workers in a short time. Therefore, this alternative has become fashionable among the youngest and those who are committed to learning more about this field of computing.