The Popular Party of Boimorto continues to support its mayor despite having been expelled from the formation for being vaccinated irregularly

The irregular vaccination of the mayor of Boimorto, María Jesús Novo, is about to confront the Popular Party with a dilemma. The opposition in the City Council has just presented a disapproving motion so that the rest of the councilors of the formation led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo decide on which side they are located: with the highest mayor of the municipality or with the party that, since the scandal jumped, it took just 24 hours to announce a file and precautionary suspension of militancy for immunized politics against COVID-19. Despite the headlines and the uproar, in Boimorto nothing has changed. Novo continues to govern without problems, as demonstrated in the votes of the plenary session that this small rural town hall in the surroundings of Santiago held last Tuesday.

The PP of Galicia asks the mayor who was vaccinated to resign and leave office to someone who has respected the protocol

The PP of Galicia asks the mayor who was vaccinated to resign and leave office to someone who has respected the protocol

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In the corridors of the town hall, the rumor grows that the councilors of Novo will hand over their party cards, but Feijóo's organic team claims to know nothing about it. "We do not have that information," says an official spokesperson consulted by Meanwhile, the disapproval proposal waits in a drawer for the Popular Party to set a date for the debate and decide what its vote will be.

Asked about the possibility of pushing the fall of the mayor with a motion of censure, in the direction of the Galician PP they put themselves in profile: "Let the PSOE present it," they say. Sources of this political formation claim before this newspaper that their response to scandal is beyond all doubt: "The PP conveyed a very strong message against this type of attitude. It cannot be said that things have not happened."

Despite the moral resounding attributed to Feijóo's formation, in Boimorto everything remains the same. Last Tuesday, the councilors of the corporation met in an important plenary session to approve pending works. The popular group acted as a block and carried out all its proposals. The loss of a political card by the mayor does not affect the daily life of this small town hall where the popular group continues to exist under the direction of a person whom the PP has expelled from its ranks.

It is at this point that the disapproval proposal gains weight in a place where the media do not usually look. "We want the rest of the councilors to take a position", sources from the municipal socialist group in the City Council assure this writing. Meanwhile, it is expected that, in the heat of that proposal, the councilors who accompany Novo take the step of abandoning the discipline of the party. But the truth is that nobody in the structure that Feijóo directs has pressured them in that sense or in any other.

The acolytes of the immunized mayor defend the idea that there is no moral reproach for her actions. They support their boss when she says that her position in the City Council makes her the chief of staff of the nursing home that depends on the council and, therefore, deserving of the vaccine that was given at the beginning of January. In that resistance they have settled in, waiting for the case to be forgotten and nobody will look too much at Boimorto. While nothing happens, the disapproval proposal sleeps in a drawer of the City Council, waiting for María Jesús Novo and the local PP to set a date for a debate that no one knows when it will take place.


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