September 25, 2020

The popular accusation of IU accuses the PP of “procedural fraud” in its attempt to put an end to the instruction of box B

The popular accusation exercised by Izquierda Unida in the case of box B of the PP has presented a letter rejecting the end of the instruction that claims the legal representation of the conservative formation, as well as that of Luis Bárcenas. The judge in the case, José de la Mata, has applied the reform of the Criminal Procedure Law that puts an end to the periods of investigation, a measure established during the Government of Mariano Rajoy. Izquierda Unida considers that the appeal of the PP is another milestone in the strategy of “procedural fraud” to knock down the case of its irregular financing.

The National Court discovers new indications of payments in black to the PP in exchange for awards

The National Court discovers new indications of payments in black to the PP in exchange for awards

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That reform of the Government of Rajoy is, according to IU, supposed “a legislative change that, de facto, was used to try to block the judicial cases that harm him”. It is, add the lawyers of the left wing formation, of “a paradigmatic situation that becomes grotesque when the Popular Party has tried to block the legislative changes that have finally deactivated the complex and contradictory wording” of the reform of the Lecrim. IU refers to the opposition of the Popular Group to the reform that ends with the terms of instruction, a demand on which there was unanimity in the associations of judges and prosecutors, both conservative and progressive.

Izquierda Unida links this resource with the latest revelations about the espionage of Luis Bárcenas. “It should not be surprising when justice and public opinion are being able to verify how the State police apparatus has been used, presumably, to try to cover up or destroy evidence related to this investigation,” says the letter, to which ElDiario has had access. .it is. The PP, he concludes, incurs “constitutional fraud” by carrying out an “undoubted instrumentalization of State institutions for its own benefit and to the detriment of the general interests of the country and its citizens.”

In application of the reform that ends the period of investigation, Judge De la Mata has extended to at least twelve months the investigation of box B, the last of the separate pieces of the Gürtel case that remains to be judged. In a recent report, advanced by, the UDEF has presented the judge with new evidence that resuscitates the bribery investigation, archived in 2015, that is, the payment of the large construction businessmen to the party in exchange for specific awards of public work. According to these revelations, the judge has ordered a battery of proceedings.


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