The popular accusation asks the judge to separate from a piece of Punic for collaborating with El Corte Inglés

The popular accusation of the Punic case exercised by Adade and the PSOE has requested the instructor of the case, Manuel García-Castellón, to separate himself from separate piece number 4, which investigates the performance of the corruption plot in the Madrid municipality of Valdemoro . In the document, to which the had access, it is alleged that García-Castellón exercises paid tutoring at the Ramón Areces university center, “belonging to and dependent on the English Court” and that this company benefited from the changes introduced in the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of the town, epicenter of the investigated network.

The Hearing corrects the Punic judge and extends the investigation to the victims of Granados in Valdemoro prior to 2004

The Hearing corrects the Punic judge and extends the investigation to the victims of Granados in Valdemoro prior to 2004

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The petition occurs less than 48 hours after Faustino José Soriano, former head of the legal advice of El Corte Inglés, declares as investigated for his alleged participation in the irregularities detected in the urban operation and that affected land owned by the company of department store. Soriano's summons came after the Criminal Chamber correct the instructor, who had declared the facts related to the 2004 PGOU prescribed and rejected the proceedings presented by the Anticorruption Prosecutor and the popular accusation.

"It is a well-known fact that his honor has been providing online tutoring services at the Ramón Areces University Center, belonging to and dependent on El Corte Inglés. We do not know from what date, but in any case the approval of the compatibility to provide services for this company and charge for it, at least from its reincorporation to the position of which it is the owner in Investigating Court number 6 (June 2017), ”says the joint brief by Adade and the PSOE.

El Corte Inglés, or its different company names such as Induyco or Hipercor, has owned, since 1973, the farms known as El Majuelo Norte, of more than 16,000 square meters, declared rustic in 1999 and converted to developable in the PGOU of 2004. Before the requalification, the City Council agreed with the company a swap for which he kept the area in exchange for 188,775 square meters in a polygon where El Corte Inglés installed a logistics center.

The popular accusation had asked the magistrate in February to cite Soriano for his alleged participation in the alleged match, which occurred while Francisco Granados was mayor of Valdemoro. To this and other proceedings, the magistrate replied that the facts were prescribed after more than 15 years had elapsed. The accusations appealed to the Criminal Chamber and the Fourth Section resolved that the judge was assuming that the irregularities had been committed before the approval of the PGOU and that, in any case, the filing of the complaint for the Punic case of the Prosecutor's Office in 2014 interrupted this limitation period. Anticorruption believes that Valdemoro lost 7 million due to irregularities in the 2004 plan and that it stopped entering another 60 in capital gains.

The document presented by the popular accusation so that García-Castellón departs from piece 4 he wields: “From the documentation in the case, it is proven that the changes introduced by said Plan, very directly affected the real estate interests of El Corte Inglés and several members of its leadership staff. In fact, the modifications in the Plan allowed the installation of one of the main logistical headquarters of the INDUYCO Company and its different company names ”.

After exposing different jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights, the popular accusation's writing states that, in this case, “and without sowing the slightest doubt about the professionalism of his honor, but given that the classes that imparted make him dependent on one of the beneficiary parties of the process of change of the PGOU of Valdemoro of 2004, we consider that it would be advisable that before the doubts about the impartiality that this causes the Honorable Member to raise his abstention in everything that affects or could affect the Court English, to its managers and employees ”.

"As far as we know", add Adade and the PSOE, the incompatibility is limited to the separate piece number 4 of Punica, the case whose instruction his lordship assumed since his return to Spain, while requesting authorization to make it compatible with teaching in the university center dependent on Corte Inglés ”.


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