April 23, 2021

The Pope urges the governments to fight against "the traffickers of death"

The Pope urges the governments to fight against "the traffickers of death"

Pope Francisco affirmed today that "the duty and the task" of the governments is to fight "the traffickers of death", to alert of the "slavery" and dependency provoked at the moment by the drugs and even Internet.

The pontiff received in audience at the Apostolic Palace the participants in the international conference on addictions organized by the Holy See and encouraged them to face "the old and new dependencies that hinder human development."

Francisco referred to the current "secularized cultural climate, marked by consumer capitalism, self-sufficiency, the loss of values, the existential void and the precariousness of ties and relationships".

The Pope highlighted two addictions in particular: the drug and the Internet, and said that the first is "a wound in our society that holds many people in their networks", trapped by what he defined as a "chemical dependence".

For this reason, he urged governments to "bravely confront the fight against the traffickers of death."

He also insisted that "an area that is increasingly endangering is the virtual space" in which young people and also the elderly "are trapped and dragged into a slavery from which it is difficult to break free" in "some internet sites" .

This dependence, he said, "leads to the loss of the meaning of life and sometimes of life itself".

Given this "worrying" scenario, the Pope defended that "the Church feels the urgent need to establish in the contemporary world a form of humanism that returns the center of social, economic and cultural discourse to the human being".

And he advocated "a synergistic commitment" of society to overcome addictions.


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