June 24, 2021

The Pope urges the Church to overcome “old logic” and attend to society

Pope Francis today encouraged the Church to overcome “old logic of opposition” and to attend to the needs and “cry for help” of society, at the mass of thanks for the year that ends in the Basilica of St. Peter.

The pontiff wondered before cardinals, archbishops and faithful what Christ asks: “He entrusts us with his word and encourages us to dive into the mass, to get involved in the encounter and in the relationship with the inhabitants of the city so that his message runs fast, “he said.

“We are called to find others and listen to their existence, their cry for help. Listening is already an act of love! Have time for others, dialogue, recognize with contemplative gaze the presence and action of God in their lives”, invited.

The Pope explained that this “love service” comes to “change reality” in the world and within the walls of Catholicism.

“Acting in this way, in fact, in the city and also in the Church a new air circulates, wanting to get in the way, of overcoming the old logic of contrast and obstacles to collaborate together building a more just and fraternal city,” he said.

Francisco encouraged the prelates by saying that “we should not be afraid or feel inadequate for such an important mission” because God chooses his servants “because they are and feel small.”

On these first eve of the Solemnity of Mary Most Holy Mother of God, in which traditionally balance is made and thanked for the year that ends, the Pope pays special attention to the city of Rome, of which he is bishop.

For the capital “is not only a complicated city, with many problems, inequalities, corruption and social tensions” but there is also a place for goodness, because “God sends his Word that nests through the Spirit in the heart of his inhabitants and pushes them to believe, to wait in spite of everything, to love fighting for the good of all. “

That is why he mentioned and honored “the many brave, believing and non-believing people” who he has known in these years of pontificate and who, in his opinion, represent “the pulsating heart” of the Italian capital for his service to others.

“God has never stopped changing the history and face of our city through the people of the little ones and the poor who inhabit it. He chooses them, inspires them, motivates them to action, makes them supportive, pushes them to activate networks and create virtuous links, to build bridges and not walls, “celebrated Virginia Mayor Raggi, who was listening to him from the front row.

The ceremony began in the middle of the afternoon, when the Pope toured the central hall of the imposing Vatican basilica supported by a golden staff, the pastoral cross of Benedict XVI, and kissed the figure of the Infant Jesus placed at the foot of the papal altar, while the assembly I sang solemn liturgical songs.

After his homily, the pontiff prayed the Our Father and exhibited the Blessed Sacrament guarded in a golden tabernacle, under the imposing canopy of the Vatican temple, and then the assistants, faithful, bishops and cardinals, sang together the hymn of “Te Deum” in thanks for 2019.

The pope left the basilica on foot under the notes of the “Southeast Fideles”, but not before greeting the mayor, and as usual, went to St. Peter’s Square to appreciate the Christmas tree and its monumental Portal de Belén, a This representation was recently claimed in his apostolic letter “Admirabile signum”.

There, many faithful and curious people waited for them to whom the Pope greeted, stopping especially with the children.

On this last day of the year, the Pope said goodbye to a friend who died Monday, Maria Grazia Mara, and did so by participating in his funeral in the Roman parish of San Giuseppe al Nomentano.

The agenda of Pope Francis for Christmas will continue tomorrow, January 1, when he will preside over his first mass of 2020, the same day that the Catholic Church celebrates the World Day of Peace, which this year bears the motto “Peace as the path of hope: Dialogue, reconciliation and ecological conversion “.

Gonzalo Sánchez


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