Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

The Pope, the other “big brother” ’

The Pope has also become a YouTuber. Every day at seven o’clock in the morning, he begins his journey from the sacristy to the altar in the chapel of his Vatican residence from Santa Marta. Until a couple of weeks ago it was a private Eucharist, which was attended by Christians from the parishes of Rome, Vatican workers and pilgrims from all over the planet. But COVID-19 shielded the Vatican and it is closing parishes around the world. From there he acts as global parish priest, at the head and at the service of the ‘multinational’ with the most capillary network of branches on the planet: the Catholic Church.

Francisco ordered to retransmit these Masses in which he scrupulously fulfills the health recommendations. There is no greeting of peace. There is no communion in the mouth. Only three priests accompany him on a first bench, including his personal secretary, Gonzalo Aemilius. Along with them, two nuns, daughters of Charity. It is your closest working team. Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s current family. A celebration of no more than thirty minutes. Without any artifice. Neither miter nor soldier. His first prayer upon arrival at the altar, for those affected by the pandemic. “These days, we hear the news from so many deceasedMen and women who die alone without being able to say goodbye to their loved ones. Let us think of them, let us pray for them and for their families who cannot accompany them ”, he implored yesterday in Italian the millions of people who followed him on the telematic channels of the Vatican News, with simultaneous translation in several languages, including Spanish.

“Pandemic prayer”

Along with the daily Eucharist, the Holy See also broadcasts the audience-catechesis Wednesday and Sunday Angelus at noon, in which thousands of pilgrims participated and who now speaks before the cameras from the library of the Apostolic Palace. Precisely yesterday, I also summoned all Catholics in the world to pray an Our Father next Wednesday. “Let’s pray it many times, but all at the same time, at noon ”, Francisco has called.

In the same way, it will impart a blessing ‘Urbi et orbi’ extraordinary next Friday at six in the afternoon. A rite that only occurs twice a year: Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. This time he will be alone, in San Pedro. “We want to respond to the virus pandemic with the pandemic of prayer, compassion, and tenderness,” he announced.


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