October 26, 2020

The Pope: "The gossipers are terrorists"

The Pope: "The gossipers are terrorists"

Pope Francis affirmed today that "gossip kill" and that "gossips and gossips are terrorists" during his catechesis at the general audience held in St. Peter's Square.

"The gossipers and gossips are people who kill others, because the language kills, it's like a knife, be careful, the gossip and the gossip is a terrorist, throw the bomb to others and go quiet," said Francisco .

The Argentine pontiff continued to reflect on the Ten Commandments for Catholics and today he dedicated himself to: "You will not say false testimony or lie" and said that "it forbids falsifying the truth in relationships with others."

"It is serious to live with non-authentic communications, because it prevents reciprocal relationships and love of neighbor," said the Pope, adding that "where there is a lie, there is no love."

Francisco said that Catholics should communicate the truth "more than with their speeches, with their testimony."

"Do not give false testimony, or lie, involves living as children of God, letting each act reflect that he is our Father and we trust him," he said.


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