March 1, 2021

The Pope: The Church "will never again conceal or underestimate" the abuses of "the wolves" | Society

The Pope: The Church "will never again conceal or underestimate" the abuses of "the wolves" | Society

Pope has assured this Friday that "the Church will not get tired of doing everything necessary to bring justice to anyone who has committed such crimes" Refers to child sexual abuse among the clergy to what has devoted part of the traditional speech to the Curia for Christmas. The Pontiff has promised that they will not cover up or underestimate cases. And he has thanked the media "that have tried to unmask these wolves and of give voice to the victims" He has also insisted that "the Church asks that silence not be kept and that it be brought to light in an objective manner, because the greatest scandal in this matter is to cover up the truth".

The Pope's address to the Curia at Christmas is the closest thing to an end-of-year assessment in the civil world. In it, Francisco is usually critical and resounding. This year the issue of abuses committed by the clergy He has taken much of his intervention before the cardinals, bishops and high Catholic hierarchs.

From the numerous cases uncovered for justice in countries like the United States, Chile or Australia, this newspaper launched a few months ago a broad informative display to address the scandal of abuses within the Church and its multiple edges, as other media did in the United States. Since then, EL PAÍS has brought to light dozens of cases of pedophilia in the Spanish Catholic Church. Many victims have contacted each other to denounce events that until now had been silenced.

However, the Spanish Church has not always been so diligent in these functions. The victims have complained for a long time that the hierarchy did not want to meet with them, and this same week the Vatican sent a communiqué to all the Episcopal Conferences urging them to do so before appearing in Rome in February to deal in depth with this issue that is severely undermining the image of the Church . Franciso said today that "some, also within the Church, rise up against certain agents of communication, accusing them of ignoring the great majority of cases of abuse, which are not committed by ministers of the Church, and of intentionally giving a false image, as if this evil hit only the Catholic Church. "

The Pope has remembered today unmask abusers it is "a very difficult task because the true culprits know how to hide so well that many wives, mothers and sisters can not discover them among the closest people: husbands, godparents, grandparents, uncles, brothers, neighbors, teachers … Even victims, well chosen by their predators, often prefer silence and even, overcome by fear, they are subjected to the shame and terror of being abandoned. "

With the scandal on the international agenda, Francisco affirmed that "the Church will never try to cover up or underestimate any case". And he recognized that the silence and the cover-ups have been a burden"It is undeniable that some people in the past, due to lightness, disbelief, lack of preparation, inexperience or spiritual and human superficiality, have dealt with many cases without due seriousness and speed." And he has concluded: "This should never happen again. This is the choice and decision of the whole Church. "

On the crucial meeting in February, which has already begun to prepare, with the petition expresses to the local Churches of each country to meet with the victims, the Pontiff pointed out that "the Church will reiterate her firm will to continue, with all her strength, on the path of purification". And he specified that he will question "how to protect children; how to avoid such misadventures, how to treat and reintegrate the victims; How to strengthen training in seminars. It will seek to transform the mistakes made into opportunities to eradicate this scourge not only of the body of the Church but also of society ".

Francisco has also taken advantage of his Christmas speech to send a message to the pedophiles and pedophiles who act within the Church: "Convert and surrender to human justice, and prepare yourselves for divine justice."

The Pope also claims against the violence that still exists against immigrants, children and women, as several of the "afflictions" that have marked this year.


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