September 26, 2020

The pope tested negative for a coronavirus test, according to the press

Pope Francis denied the coronavirus test to which he was subjected as a precaution because he has had a cold for some days, according to the newspaper “Il Messaggero”.

Last Sunday, Francisco himself announced during the Angelus prayer that he would not participate in the Lenten spiritual exercises with members of the Roman Curia because of the cold.

The Pope appeared in the audience last Wednesday already a bit cold and, in the afternoon, celebrated the Mass for the imposition of ash and the traditional procession from the Basilica of Santa Sabina to the Roman Church of San Anselmo, on the Roman hill of Aventine

But the next day he chose to remain in his Residence of Santa Marta, instead of going to the penitential liturgy with the clergy of Rome in the basilica of San Juan de Letrán.

On Friday and Saturday, Francisco celebrated the morning mass in Santa Marta, but canceled his planned private hearings with participants in a congress in the Vatican and members of the Legionaries of Christ, among others.

The coronavirus has caused so far in Italy 52 dead, all of them elderly with other serious pathologies, and those infected amount to 2,036.

This situation has caused tourism to have fallen considerably as can also be seen in the Vatican City, where queues to enter the Basilica of St. Peter or the Vatican Museums have disappeared, with a reduction of around 60%.


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