The Pope says it is better not to go to church than to do it and then live hating

The Pope says it is better not to go to church than to do it and then live hating

Pope Francis censured today those people who go to the Church every day and then criticize or hate others and told them that "it is better" not to go, during the general audience held every Wednesday with the faithful.

"How many times have we seen the scandal of those people who go to church, are there all day, or go every day, and then they live hating others or talking badly about people." This is a scandal, "he said. Argentine pontiff.

He added: "It is better not to go to church, live like an atheist, if you go to the Church, live as a son, as a brother, give a true example."

The Pope made this reflection during his catechesis, referring to the Gospel of Matthew, when he refers to the "hypocrites" who pray "to be seen by the people".

A situation that is replicated today, with people pronouncing prayers "atheist, without God, just to be admired," he said.

"The pagans believe that speaking, speaking, praying, I think of many Christians who believe that praying is talking to God, forgive me, like a parrot, no, praying is done with the heart, from within," he said.

On the other hand, Pope Francis considered that Jesus "crowned with happiness" the people "not very considerate at that time, but also in the present", like the blessed, the poor or the merciful.

"It is the revolution of the Gospel: all those capable of love, workers of peace who until then had remained outside history, are builders of the Kingdom of God," he said.

And he settled: "Where there is a gospel, there is revolution, the Gospel does not leave us still, it pushes us, it is revolutionary".


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