The Pope praises the work of those who carry out the cleaning tasks

Pope Francis today praised the work of those who carry out the cleaning tasks, which is an essential job and that nobody sees, during the usual morning mass that he celebrated in the chapel of his residence, the Casa Santa Marta.

In the introduction to the celebration, broadcast live due to the coronavirus crisis, Francisco directed his thoughts to the people on the front lines of this pandemic and spoke today about cleaning staff.

“Today our prayer is for the many people who clean the hospitals, the streets, who empty the garbage cans, who go through the houses to take away the garbage: a job that no one sees, but it is a job that is necessary to survive. May the Lord bless you, help you, “he said.

Later his homily dedicated the “orphanhood of the world without God”. “Today in the world there is a great feeling of orphanhood: many have many things, but the Father is missing. And in the history of humanity this is repeated,” he said.

“Wars, always, whether small or large, always have an orphan dimension: the Father is missing to make peace,” added the pontiff.

Francisco indicated that another consequence of the sense of orphanhood “is insult, wars, because if the Father is not there, there are no brothers, the brotherhood is lost.”

“Let us ask the Holy Spirit to remind us always, always, of this access to the Father, to remind us that we have a Father, and to this civilization that has a great sense of orphanhood, grant us the grace to rediscover the Father, the Father who gives meaning to all life and makes men a family, “concluded his sermon.

Masses in Santa Marta have been broadcast live by the Vatican media in recent weeks due to the pandemic and in the face of church closings.

From next week they will not be televised again since in Italy since Monday it is again allowed to celebrate mass in parishes under security measures to avoid contagions.


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