Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The Pope laments that the "rich" Europe and America sell weapons for war

The Pope laments that the "rich" Europe and America sell weapons for war

Pope Francis lamented today that the "rich" Europe and America sell weapons for other countries to wage war, commenting in a meeting with young people in the Vatican that these problems are the work of man and not of God.

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The Argentine pontiff received today teachers and students from the San Carlo Institute in Milan (north) and, asked by a young man about injustices, answered that God does not create differences, but that it is man who generates situations of inequality.

"We are architects of differences, pain and poverty Why is there so many hungry children in the world today? Does God create that difference? No, it is this unjust economic system where every day there are less rich with more money and more poor with nothing, "he said.

He then addressed the audience present in the Paul VI Hall to talk about countries in conflict such as Yemen, Syria or Afghanistan.

"Why are there so many wars?" If they did not have weapons, they would not wage war, "Why are they making war?" Because we, rich Europe and America, sell weapons to kill children, people, we are the ones who make the differences. "he denounced.

Francisco encouraged the young people to avoid preconceived answers and address these issues directly: "These things you must say clearly, face and without fear, if you are not able to ask these questions, you are not young, you lack something in your heart", He said.

"We are the ones who create differences, whether with unjust economic systems or weapons, so that the rest can be killed." On the conscience of a people that makes and sells weapons is the death of every child and person and the destruction of families " , He said.

The Pope gave as an example to a young engineer who met in the past Synod of Bishops and who refused to work in a "big company" that made weapons: "These are the brave young people we need," he said.

But injustices are not only focused on world wars but also on the daily life of schools, such as school bullying: "Is it a matter of God? No, you are you, with every act of harassment a declaration of war is made" he explained to the boys.

Francisco also addressed the issue of immigration and thanked God for "the richness" of a multi-ethnic society and stipulated a dialogue between cultures, people and ethnic groups.

And, in his opinion, a society that does not integrate different cultures is like "distilled water", that is, "without strength".

For this reason he asked "not to be afraid of the immigrant" and rejected the slogans that blame them for the crime: "What are criminals? The mafia was not invented by Nigerians, it is a value between national quotes, the mafia is ours, 'Made in Italy '", criticized.

"There is a temptation to create a culture of walls, in the heart and on the ground, to impede the encounter with other cultures, who builds walls, will end up a slave within those who build, without horizons," he predicted.

In his plea for the reception of immigrants, the pontiff stressed that in any case the rulers should study how many people can accommodate the system of a particular country.


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