April 14, 2021

The Pope encourages his pastors and asks them to "commit" against abuse

Pope Francis defended today that he is "firmly committed" in the fight against abuses in the Church and stressed that this mission requires "the commitment of all", in a letter in which he encourages and thanks his work to the parish priests.

The pontiff has written an extensive letter when 160 years have passed since the death of Saint Cura de Ars, patron of the parish priests, in which he says that "the pain" for the abuses also affects them.

"In recent times we have been able to hear more clearly the cry, so often silent and silenced, of our brothers, victims of abuse of power, conscience and sexuality by ordained ministers, the pontiff begins.

And he adds: "Without a doubt it is a time of suffering in the lives of the victims who suffered the different forms of abuse; also for their families and for the whole People of God."

That is why Francisco gives them his determination to face this problem. "We are firmly committed to the implementation of the necessary reforms to promote, from the root, a culture based on pastoral care so that the culture of abuse does not find space to develop and, even less, perpetuate itself," he says.

But this, he argues, "is not an easy and short-term task" and also "claims everyone's commitment."

"If in the past the omission could be transformed into a form of response, today we want the conversion, transparency, sincerity and solidarity with the victims to become our way of making history and help us to be more attentive to all suffering human, "he says, referring to his" Letter to the People of God "of August 2018.

Francisco has words of encouragement for his clergy and ensures that in his meetings with priests during his travels or talks, many of them transferred "his outrage over what happened."

For that reason, he points out that "without denying and repudiating the damage caused by some of our brothers, it would be unfair not to recognize so many priests who, consistently and honestly, deliver everything they are and have for the good of others."

"There are innumerable priests who make their life a work of mercy in regions or situations so many times inhospitable, remote or abandoned even at the risk of their own lives. I recognize and thank your courageous and constant example that, in moments of turbulence, shame and pain, he tells us that you continue to play with joy for the Gospel, "he celebrates.

The Pope explains that these are "times of ecclesial purification" and said that "our humble repentance, which remains silent, in tears at the monstrosity of sin and the unfathomable greatness of God's forgiveness, is the renewed beginning of our holiness."

The letter is articulated in four sections, of which the first, entitled "Pain", refers above all to the issue of abuse of power, conscience and sexuality, something suffered by "all the people" Catholic.

Francisco continues to speak of "gratitude" to thank his work throughout the world, especially with the weakest, with the "suffering brother."

Also the Argentine pontiff gives "encouragement" to the parish priests and warns them of the danger of falling into a "sweet sadness" to be "disillusioned with reality, with the Church or with ourselves."

"We know that sadness that leads to accustoming and gradually leads to the naturalization of evil and injustice with the soft whisper of 'it was always done that way. Sadness that makes all attempts at transformation and conversion spreading resentment and animosity," he warns.

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