The Pope emphasizes in the Christmas message that differences "are not a danger"

The Pope emphasizes in the Christmas message that differences "are not a danger"

"Differences are not a damage or a danger, they are a wealth," Pope Francis said today in the traditional Christmas message delivered from the central lodge of St. Peter's Basilica.

Francisco dedicated his speech to emphasize that the universal message of Christmas is that "God is a good Father and we are all brothers".

And he said that without this Christian vision of humanity, "our efforts for a more just world would not go very far, and even the best projects run the risk of becoming structures without spirit."

From the same central lodge of the Basilica of San Pedro, where he appeared on March 13, 2013 when he was elected pontiff, Jorge Bergoglio wished "fraternity between people of every nation and culture", "between people with different ideas, but capable of respect and listen to the other "and" between people of different religions ".

"Salvation happens through love, acceptance and respect for our poor humanity, which we all share in a great variety of ethnicities, languages, cultures, but all brothers and sisters in humanity," said the tens of thousands of people. concentrated today in the Plaza de San Pedro.

"So, our differences are not a damage or a danger, they are a richness, as for an artist who wants to make a mosaic: it is better to have tesserae of many colors available, rather than a few," he said.

He gave as an example the family, where "being brothers and sisters, we are different from each other, and we do not always agree, but there is an indissoluble bond that unites us, and the love of parents helps us to love each other".

He wished that this Christmas "we rediscovered the bonds of fraternity that unite us as human beings and link all peoples".

And then Francisco, like every year, reviewed the places where conflicts are lived and prayed that "Israelis and Palestinians resume the dialogue and embark on a path of peace to end a conflict that – for more than seventy years – the Earth is lamenting chosen by the Lord to show his face of love. "

He also recalled Syria "so that he will find fraternity again after long years of war".

He urged that the international community "make a firm effort to find a political solution that will put aside divisions and vested interests so that the Syrian people, especially those who had to leave their own lands and seek refuge elsewhere, can live again in peace in his homeland "

He expressed the hope that the truce reached in Yemen "can finally alleviate so many children and populations, exhausted by war and hunger."

And his thoughts also went to Africa, "where millions of people are refugees or displaced and need humanitarian assistance and food security."

That Christmas, the pontiff asked, "strengthen the fraternal ties that unite the Korean Peninsula and allow the path of rapprochement put in place to continue, and that shared solutions be reached that ensure development and well-being for all."

He also wished that "this time of blessing allows Venezuela to find harmony again and that all members of society work fraternally for the development of the country, helping the weakest sectors of the population."

And that in Nicaragua "divisions and discords do not prevail, but that all strive to favor reconciliation and to build together the future of the country."

He asked for consolation for Ukraine, a country "anxious to regain a lasting peace that is long in coming."

And that Christian communities and all minority communities can "live in peace and see their own rights recognized, especially religious freedom."

He prayed that the "small and cold child that we contemplate today in the manger protects all the children of the earth and every frail, defenseless and discarded person".

"May we all receive peace and consolation for the birth of the Savior and, feeling loved by the only heavenly Father, rediscover and live as brothers," he concluded before imparting the traditional Christmas "Urbi et Orbi" blessing.


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