The Pope describes the abuse of minors as "one of the vilest crimes" | Society

Pope Francis has denounced on Monday the sexual abuse of minors, many committed by priests, like "one of the plagues of our time" and it has described them as "vile crime", in a speech to the diplomatic corps accredited before the Vatican in which also it has criticized the violence against the woman.

"I can not keep silent about one of the plagues of our time, which unfortunately has also involved several members of the clergy.The abuse against minors is one of the worst and vilest possible crimes," said the Pope. "It inexorably destroys the best that human life reserves for an innocent, causing irreparable damage for the rest of its existence."

The pontiff assures that "the Holy See and the whole Church are working to combat and prevent such crimes and their concealment, to find out the truth of the facts that involve ecclesiastics and to do justice to children who have suffered sexual violence, aggravated by the abuse of power and conscience. "

Next February, Pope Francis has convened in the Vatican a meeting with the episcopates from around the world to address this problem and said that the meeting "intends to go one step further in the way of the Church to shed light on the facts and alleviate the wounds caused by these crimes." The pope has also criticized the violence against women that is practiced in societies.

"Given the scourge of physical and psychological abuse caused to women, it is urgent to find new forms of fair and balanced relations based on mutual respect and recognition, in which each one can express their identity in an authentic manner", according to the pontiff.

Francisco also denounced "another plague of our time, the conditions of the workers", and cited the loss of jobs, the loss of social and economic guarantees or the conditions of modern slavery, as well as child labor.


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