The Pope denounces the drama of immigrants before the "guilty silence of many"

Pope Francis today denounced the situation of many immigrants in the world who are "ignored, violated and abused in the guilty silence of many," in a message sent to the Social Forum on Migration that takes place in Mexico.

In his letter to the eighth edition of that forum, which is held in Mexico City until Sunday, the pontiff stressed that there are still evils to be eradicated, injustices to wipe out, discriminations to be destroyed, privileges to overthrow, dignities to rebuild and values what to plant. "

In this regard, he pointed out that the positive transformation of society "begins with the rejection of all injustices" to give a voice to those who do not have it, including those who place "immigrants, refugees and displaced persons".

These, denounced Francisco, "are ignored, exploited, violated and abused in the guilty silence of many".

The Pope also asked to "identify concrete and viable solution guidelines, clarifying roles and responsibilities of all actors" to improve the situation of these people.

For that reason, he recalled that for a couple of years the international community has developed through the United Nations a Global Compact for Secure, Ordered and Regular Migration and another Global Compact on Refugees, and that the Holy See has contributed to the debate "20 points of Action for the World Pacts".

The implementation of its recommendations and suggestions "requires the coordination of the efforts of all the actors, among whom" is "always" the Church, affirmed the Pope, paraphrasing his speech at the International Forum on Migration of February 2017.

In addition to global coordination, the Pope encouraged cooperation "to improve bilateral and multilateral agreements" for the benefit of "migrants, refugees, displaced persons, their families, their communities of origin and the societies that host them."

The pontiff stressed that "this can only be achieved in a transparent, sincere and constructive dialogue among all the actors, respecting the roles and responsibilities of each one".

For this reason, he urged organizations and movements to commit themselves to "promote a more equitable distribution of responsibilities in the assistance of asylum seekers and refugees", as well as to identify "promptly" victims of trafficking in human beings.

At the Mexico Forum, the Undersecretary of the Section on Immigration of the Dicastery for the Integral Human Development Service, Michael Czerny, interjected that the words of the pope evoke the caravans of immigrants that cross America.

A migratory flow that, like others in the world, "is a manifestation of the desperation, of the crisis of an economic and political model that forces thousands of human beings to escape from their land, assuming the vulnerability that implies being a migrant", He said.


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