The pope criticizes that those who make war "don't know how to master their passions"

Pope Francis lamented today that those who make war around the world "do not know how to dominate their own passions", defending the fulfillment of the Law and the Christian commandments during the Sunday Angelus.

"God educates us in true freedom and responsibility with the Law. It consists in living it as an instrument of freedom because it helps me to be free and not to be a slave to passions and sin," the Pope told the faithful who listened to him in St. Peter's Square

The pontiff said in this regard that conflicts are somehow a consequence of those passions.

"Let's think about wars, about the consequences of wars, let's think about that cold-dead girl in Syria the other day, so many calamities. This is the result of passions. People who make war don't know how to master their own passions," referred.

Francisco warned that "when you give in to temptations and passions you don't own and star in your own life, but that makes you unable to manage it with will and responsibility."

"Welcoming the Law of God in the heart, it is understood that, when one does not love one's neighbor, one kills oneself and others in some way, because hatred, rivalry and division kill the fraternal charity that bases relationships interpersonal, "he said.

After the Angelus the pontiff greeted from the window of the Apostolic Palace the hundreds of faithful of the square, including some arriving from the Spanish diocese of Toledo and students of the "Colegio Asunción Cuestablanca" in Madrid.


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