The pope cries in Mass of the Rooster against the avidity of humanity

The pope cries in Mass of the Rooster against the avidity of humanity

Pope Francis cried today against a "voracious" and "avid" humanity, while others do not have to eat, during the traditional Mass of the Rooster celebrated in the Basilica of San Pedro.

Francisco celebrated today the sixth mass of the Rooster of his pontificate and in his homily he reflected on the meaning of the word Bethlehem which, he recalled, means "house of bread".

"In this house the Lord summons humanity today, he knows that we need to feed ourselves to live, but he also knows that the food of the world does not satisfy the heart", he began his homily.

Then the Argentine pontiff lamented that "man becomes greedy and voracious" and that "it seems that having, accumulating things is for many the meaning of life".

And while Catholics celebrated the birth of God with a dinner, Francisco shook consciences by remembering that "an insatiable greed crosses human history, even the paradoxes of today, when a few celebrate banquets splendidly and many have no bread to live on".

For Jorge Bergoglio, "Belén is the turning point to change the course of history."

The solemn ceremony, which for several years has been celebrated at 9:30 p.m. (20:30 GMT) and not at midnight, began with the announcement of the birth of the Lord with the reading of the ancient text of the "Kalendas."

Then the Pope removed a veil and discovered the image of the baby Jesus before a throne in front of the altar and kissed it, while the bells of Saint Peter sounded to party to announce the birth of Jesus.

"The little body of the Child of Bethlehem proposes a model of new life: not to devour and hoard, but to share and give God becomes small to be our nourishment, nourishing ourselves from him, Bread of Life, we can be reborn in love and break the spiral of greed and greed, "he said.

Significant were the flower offerings that took in the children's procession, between 6 and 9 years, from Italy, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Romania, Panama and Japan.

Before the manger, Francisco added, "we understand that what fuels life is not goods, but love, not voracity, but charity, not the ostentatious abundance, but the simplicity that must be preserved."

"In Bethlehem we discover that the life of God runs through the veins of humanity, if we accept it, history changes from each one of us," he said.

For Francisco "Jesus changes the heart" to stop being "hungry and selfish" ..

"Do I really need so many things, so many complicated recipes to live in? Am I able to do without so many superfluous complements, to choose a simpler life?" Asked Francisco on this night of the Christmas vigil.

Again the Pope made reference to this Christmas Eve dinner with a metaphor to ensure that "Jesus is the bread of the road and does not like heavy, long and sedentary digestions".

"He asks us to get up quickly from the table to serve, like bread broken by others," he added.

And he asked again: "At Christmas, do I give my bread to someone who does not have it?"

He continued his homily explaining that the pastors awaited the birth of Jesus and that "this is also true for us" but that "the Lord likes to be expected and it is not possible to wait for him on the couch, sleeping."

Like the path traveled by the pastors, Francisco added, "also today, it is on the rise and the peak of selfishness must be overcome" and "it is necessary not to slip into the ravines of worldliness and consumerism".

The Christmas events will continue tomorrow when Jorge Bergoglio will return to the balcony of the central Lodge of St. Peter's Basilica of the Vatican, just like when he was elected pope, to read his Christmas message and impart the traditional blessing "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world).

After the mass, the thousands of people who went to the basilica could contemplate in the center of the Plaza de San Pedro the Birth raised in front of the obelisk that this time has been made with beach sand.


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