August 12, 2020

The Pope confesses and listens to several faithful at the Mass of Penance

Pope Francis confessed today after presiding over the penitential Mass in the Basilica of St. Peter of the Vatican and then he himself received several faithful in the confessional to hear their testimonies.

The Argentine pontiff dedicated his homily to confession and defined it as "the passage from misery to mercy" and said that for God "before sin is the sinner".

"Let us ask to have the Christian approach to life, where before sin we see the sinner with love, before seeing the mistakes, who is wrong, before the story, the person," encouraged the Pope before the faithful.

In this sense he explained that, after the confession, "forgiveness gives a new beginning and makes us new creatures" but pointed out that it is not "a photocopy".

"Receiving the forgiveness of sins through the priest is an ever new, original and inimitable experience, it makes us go from being alone with our miseries and our accusers, to feeling liberated," he argued.

All to get rid of evil, which in his opinion is "strong, has a seductive power, attracts and cultivates."

After the mass, the pope went to one of the confessionals of the side aisles of the Vatican Basilica, before which he knelt to acknowledge his sins, after stripping himself of the liturgical vestments, wearing only the white habit.

Then he agreed to the confessional and attended to several faithful for almost fifty minutes.


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