The Pope asks to speak of "migrants" to address the issue with respect

Pope Francis today opted to use the term "migrant people" and not migrants to address with "respect" this phenomenon, commenting on his visit to Morocco last weekend during the general audience.

As usual after each pastoral trip, the Argentine pontiff dedicated his catechesis to Wednesday's audience to illustrate his visit to Morocco on March 30 and 31.

He recalled that the issue of immigration was very present on his trip and he advocated referring to those who seek their future in other countries as "migrants".

"You know why, because migrant is an adjective and instead the person is a noun, we have fallen into the culture of the adjective, and we use many adjectives and we often forget the noun, the substance," he lamented.

Francisco pointed out that "the adjective is attached to a noun, to a person" and insisted: "Not migrant, but a migrant person, so there is respect and it does not fall into this adjective culture that is too liquid, too gaseous".

The Pope took the opportunity to defend his contacts with Islam because, he stressed, God wants "fraternity" between Catholics and Muslims.

"Some may ask why the Pope goes with the Muslims and not only where the Catholics, because there are many religions (...) but with Muslims we are descendants of the same father, Abraham," he explained.

Francis stressed that "God wanted to allow" that there are many religions but, at the same time, he wants "fraternity" among us and "in a special way" with the "brothers" of Islam.

"We should not be afraid of the difference, God has allowed this, but we should be scared if we do not do a work of fraternity, of walking together for life," he warned.


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