The Pope asks the clergy of the United States a change of mentality against the abuses

The Pope asks the clergy of the United States a change of mentality against the abuses

Pope Francis urges the clergy of the United States to adopt a new mentality in the way of exercising authority before the "wound in credibility" generated by the cases of abuse, in a letter published today by the Holy See.

The Pontiff sent this letter, dated January 1, on the occasion of the spiritual exercises that the United States Episcopal Conference carries out until the next day 8 and which Francisco intended to attend, although ultimately he could not because of "logistical problems" "

The Pope recognizes that "the credibility of the Church has been strongly questioned and weakened by these sins and crimes," the abuses of power, conscience and sexual, but above all by the will to want to hide and hide them.

"The attitude of concealment, as we know, far from helping to resolve conflicts, allowed them to perpetuate themselves and hurt more deeply the framework of relationships that today we are called to heal and recompose," he says.

According to Francisco, for this work, for "the fight against the culture of abuse, the wound in the credibility, the confusion, the confusion and the loss of prestige in the mission, they demand and demand a renewed, determined attitude to resolve the conflict".

This implies, he adds, "the capacity -or not- that we have as a community to build healthy and mature links and spaces, that know how to respect the integrity and intimacy of each person".

It also requires "the ability to convene to awaken and give confidence in the construction of a common project, broad, humble, safe, sober and transparent," he says.

Likewise, he adds, he needs "not only a new organization, but the conversion of our mind (metanoia), of our way of praying, of managing power and money, of living authority and how we relate to each other and to each other. world".

The Pope emphasizes that the problem of credibility "is not solved by voluntarist decrees or simply establishing new commissions or improving work organizations", which he sees more as "heads of human resources departments".

He warns that this vision, although in some cases it is necessary, is "insufficient" and "ends up reducing the mission of the pastor and the Church to a mere administrative / organizational task in the 'evangelization enterprise'".

The Argentine Pontiff calls for unity in this mission, as well as "to break the vicious circle of reproach, delegitimization and discredit" and to "avoid murmuring and slander."

All in order to find "evangelical ways that arouse and promote reconciliation and the credibility that our people and the mission demand of us," he insists.


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