The pope asks that everyone have access to the vaccine in his Christmas message

He Pope Francisco on Friday urged those who have responsibilities to the vaccine is guaranteed to all “especially to the most vulnerable”, in his Christmas message, this year delivered inside Saint Peter’s Basilica and without faithful present due to the pandemic emergency of the coronavirus. “In this time of darkness and uncertainties appear lights of hope like vaccinesBut for these lights to bring hope to the whole world, they have to be available to all, “said Francisco.

And he denounced: “It cannot be expected that closed nationalism will prevent us from living as the true human family that we are. We can’t let the virus of radical individualism win and it leaves us indifferent to the suffering of the other brothers. “” We cannot put ourselves first before the others. Market laws and patents cannot be on the law of love and health of humanity, “he added.

Given this, I ask all those responsible for the States, international organizations and companies, “propose cooperation and not competitiona, and find a solution for everyone. Vaccines for everyone. Especially for the most vulnerable and most needy on the planet. “” Faced with a challenge that knows no borders, no barriers can be erected. We are all in the same boat, “said Francisco from the blessings hall of the basilica.

This year due to restrictive measures due to the pandemic and with a confined Italy, the pope spoke inside the basilica and did not look out from the balcony from the central lodge his traditional Christmas message in which he usually reviews the evils and crises and wars in the world.

I remember the sick

He began by stating that “in this moment in history, marked by the ecological crisis and by serious economic and social imbalances, aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic, we need fraternity more than ever. ”

During these festive days, Francis recalled “all those who do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by adverse circumstances, but rather strive to carry hope, comfort and help, helping those who suffer and accompanying those who are alone. ”

He also directed his thought “at this time to families: those who cannot be reunited today, as well as those who are forced to stay at home.” Recalling that today Catholics celebrate the birth of Jesus, he asked “that the Child of Bethlehem help us to be available, generous and supportive, especially with the most fragile people, the sick and all those who are currently without work or in serious difficulties due to the economic consequences of the pandemic. ”

He also asked for closeness to all “women who in these months of confinement have suffered domestic violence.”

Children who suffer

In this Christmas message, Francis urged that “on the day when the Word of God becomes a child”, so many children who suffer in the world be remembered again, “especially in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, they are still paying the high price of war. “” May your faces touch the consciences of people of good will, so that the causes of conflict can be addressed and courageously worked to build a future of peace “, added.

He prayed for it to be the moment “that dissolve tensions across the Middle East and the eastern MediterraneanAnd also that “the Child Jesus heals again the wounds of the beloved people of Syria, which has been exhausted for a decade by the war and its consequences, further aggravated by the pandemic, “and” bring comfort to the Iraqi people and all those who have committed themselves on the path of reconciliation, especially the Yazidis, that have been hit hard in the last years of war. ”

The pope asked that “the Child of Bethlehem” peace to libya and that it “grant brotherhood to the land where it was born, and that Israelis and Palestinians may regain mutual trust to seek a just and lasting peace through direct dialogue, capable of ending violence and overcoming resentments.”

Lebanon did not forget and reiterated its call for “the leaders of the country to put aside private interests, and to commit themselves seriously, honestly and transparently so that Lebanon follow a path of reform and continue with your vocation of freedom and peaceful coexistence. ”

As well as requested the “commitment of the international community and of the countries involved to maintain the ceasefire in Upper Karabakh, as well as in the eastern regions of Ukraine, and to favor the dialogue as the only way that leads to peace and to reconciliation. ”

And he also prayed that “the Divine Child alleviates the suffering” of the populations of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, Ethiopia and the Cabo Delgado region, in northern Mozambique, victims of the violence of international terrorism and “Encourage those responsible for South Sudan, Nigeria and Cameroon to continue the path of fraternity and dialogue they have undertaken “.

He implored that “the King of Heaven protect the peoples hit by natural disasters in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines and Vietnam” and thinking of Asia, he recalled the persecuted Rohingya people.

Hope for the Americas

The Argentine pope required “hope for the American continent, particularly affected by the coronavirus, which has exacerbated his many sufferings that oppress him, often aggravated by the consequences of corruption and drug trafficking. “He made reference to Chile and demanded that the child Jesus” help overcome the recent social tensions “And prayed for an end” to the suffering of the Venezuelan people. ”

Francisco ended his message by urging that, despite the difficulties that are being experienced, “that Christmas be a opportunity to rediscover family as a cradle of life and faith; a place of welcoming love, dialogue, forgiveness, fraternal solidarity and shared joy, a source of peace for all humanity “.


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