The Pope asks for gestures of solidarity in the face of "threats to life" such as euthanasia

Pope Francis today urged society to respond with "concrete gestures of solidarity and generous love" to what the Church considers "threats to life," such as abortion and euthanasia.

"In the face of threats to life, of which unfortunately we have to witness almost daily, as in the case of abortion and euthanasia, society needs these concrete gestures of solidarity and generous love," the pontiff said in his speech. to the volunteers of the Italian Association of Organ Donors (AIDO), meeting in the Vatican.

The Catholic Church considers that "the provoked death" is never the solution to the problems and Francisco has reiterated on several occasions that the "only owner of life is God".

In his speech today, Francisco valued the act of donating organs "to save other human lives, to preserve, recover and improve the health of many sick people who have no other alternative."

"The donation of organs is not only an act of social responsibility, but also an expression of the universal fraternity that unites all men and women," he added.

He recalled that the catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that the donation of organs after death "is a noble and meritorious act that should be encouraged as a manifestation of generous solidarity."


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