The Pope asks for effective aid and not mere purposes to end hunger

The Pope asks for effective aid and not mere purposes to end hunger

Pope Francis urged today to give "effective aid" to end hunger, "and not mere purposes or agreements" or "pompous statements", in the speech sent for the annual celebration of the World Food Day celebrated in FAO.

In his message sent today to the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) and read by the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to this body, the Spanish Fernando Chica, Francisco stressed that "the poor await us an effective help that will take them out of their prostration ".

"Not mere purposes, or agreements that, after studying in detail the roots of their misery, give as a result only solemn events, commitments that never materialize or showy publications destined only to swell library catalogs," the pontiff wrote in his harsh criticism .

The Argentine pope stressed that unfortunately people continue to increase "who have nothing, or almost nothing, to put in their mouths" and that "international solidarity seems to be getting cold."

When citing the objective of "a Zero Hunger World for 2030 is possible", Francisco pointed out that it is "a pressing call to the responsibility of all" and that this "can not be another day".

He urged "especially FAO, its member states, national and international organizations and institutions, civil society and as many people as there are good will, to redouble our ardor so that no one is missing the necessary food, neither in quantity nor in quality".

The Pope insisted that in "we can and must do better with the helpless, and for that we must take action, so that the scourge of hunger disappears completely."

To this end, he urged the adoption of development cooperation policies oriented towards the specific needs of the indigent, attention to levels of agricultural production, access to the food market "and the recognition that, when making decisions, countries are equal in dignity ".

In the message sent to the FAO, where today representatives of all countries meet, the pontiff warned that "it will not be the pompous declarations that definitively remove this scourge" from hunger.

"The fight against hunger calls urgently for generous funding, the abolition of trade barriers and, above all, the increase in resilience in the face of climate change, economic crises and armed conflicts," he stressed.

"Someone can say that we still have twelve years ahead to end hunger," Francisco wrote, but stressed that "the poor can not wait, their dire situation does not allow it."

He also criticized "the lack of vigor of political leaders, often submerged only in electoral interests or gripped by biased, peremptory or reduced views."

"Real political will is lacking," the pope said.

He asked not to forget that the drama of hunger hides "the extreme inequality, the maldistribution of the resources of the planet, the consequences of climate change or the interminable and bloody conflicts that devastate many regions, to mention only some of their main motivations."

And he urged the need "to develop a more proactive and more sustained approach over time" and increase "the funds destined to the promotion of peace and the development of the peoples"

He also urged "to silence the weapons and their pernicious trade to listen to the voice of those who mourn desperate to feel abandoned on the shores of life and progress."


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