The Pope asked not to fall into hatred and revenge during Mass in Morocco

On Sunday, Pope Francis celebrated a mass at the Prince Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat, before 10,000 Catholic faithful, where he requested that he not fall into hatred and revenge, which only ends with the souls of the people.

The Argentine pontiff dedicated the second and last day of his visit to the Maghreb country to the small Catholic community of about 25,000 people, made up of immigrants and representing 0.07 percent of the population, according to the data provided by the Vatican.

When Francisco's car appeared on the screens he was greeted with great enthusiasm by shouts and applause when he arrived at the pavilion, where many Spanish flags of faithful arrived from this country and heard "Vivas" from the pope, in which It can be considered the mass with the greatest number of people that has been celebrated in this country.

The Argentine pontiff arrived in Morocco on Saturday, which allows freedom of worship, but punishes the conversion of its citizens, so many converts have to live in silence, a topic that did not address today.

The Catholics present, many of them from sub-Saharan countries, encouraged them in their homily to "continue to grow the culture of mercy, a culture in which neither looks at the other with indifference nor looks away when they see their suffering".

And to take care "of the little ones and the poor, of those who are rejected, abandoned and ignored".

In his homily, read in Spanish, the Pope reflected on the parable of the prodigal son, especially on the behavior of the other brother who does not understand his father's forgiveness and experiences "a certain feeling of betrayal and indignation to celebrate his return."

A parable that served the Pope to speak of "the tension that lives inside our peoples and communities, and even ourselves."

"The situations that can lead us to confront and divide ourselves are undeniable" and that "the temptation to believe in hatred and revenge as legitimate ways to provide justice quickly and effectively threatens us," he lamented.

But he said that "experience" says that "hatred, division and revenge, the only thing they achieve is to kill the soul" of the people, "poison the hope of our children, destroy and take with us everything we love", he added.

The Catholic Church also urged not to be reduced to "a matter of laws and prohibitions, of duties and fulfillments" because you can not evangelize "with voluntarism, relativism or integrismos".


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