The Polytechnic IES carries out the activity ‘solidarity jumps’ for the NGO Save the children

The IES Politécnico Las Palmas held the Solidarity Jumps activity on April 6 and 7 with the participation of the students of High School and first courses of Training Cycles that was coordinated by the Department of Physical Education and the Health Promotion and Health Promotion axis. Emotional Education of the center. The collaboration of the entire educational community of the institute was sought to promote important aspects of health such as the practice of physical activity, healthy eating and social / group relationships, raising funds, at the same time, for the NGO Save the children, specifically 721 euros.

In this activity, which took place on the aforementioned dates to commemorate World Physical Activity Day and World Health Day, each participating member, student or teacher, had to look for sponsors – who could be family members, teachers or their own companions. – to contribute the amount of money they wanted to spend some time doing rope jumps in the main courtyard of the center, with a maximum of 5 minutes. According to Armando Pérez, first and second grade teacher in Physical Education Baccalaureate, “in other years this event was focused on a solidarity race, but this could not be organized due to the pandemic, so some jumps have been made. In one of the courtyards, the students spent some time jumping. “They looked for sponsors and depending on what they put up with the activity, they raised more or less. The Aguas de Teror company gave us bottles of water and the Cooperativa Agrícola del Norte, bananas to promote healthy eating. “Each person jumped at their own pace. An attempt was made to complete the time, but stops could be made. We thought that more than five minutes was no longer healthy.


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