April 14, 2021

The political parties agree to end "degrading" shows such as bullfighter firefighter | Society

The political parties agree to end "degrading" shows such as bullfighter firefighter | Society

In the days prior to the dissolution of the Cortes, the parliamentary groups have managed to agree, and unanimously, on the need to end the humiliations suffered by people with dwarfism, and have considered necessary to make regulatory changes to prevent shows like the bullfighter firefighter. They have done it in the mixed commission for the European Union, by signing an institutional declaration in which they have advocated to implement these legislative reforms so that public and private shows that "denigrate" people with achondroplasia are not held.

The parliamentarians also urge to implement a plan of insertion and job training so that all those who work in this type of shows and activities can access a "decent and decent" job.

Achondroplasia is a bone dysplasia that affects the growth plate of the bones and is the cause of a series of pathologies and of a noticeably diminished size commonly referred to as dwarfism.

In Spain, there are still shows that denigrate people with achondroplasia, as recognized by the deputies, and are also regulated despite "humiliating the dignity and fundamental rights" of these people with disabilities. An example of this is article nine of the national bullfighting agreement that regulates the "comic bullfighter" and establishes that the gang must have at least five small people. During his appearance in the commission, Felipe Orviz, spokesman and legal adviser of the Alpe Foundation -LThe main Spanish organization of patients affected by achondroplasia-, has considered that this article "assimilates the comic with the small".

"Being small and having characteristic features is synonymous with laughter, mockery and humiliation," said Orviz, who recalled that every year hundreds of municipalities hire these shows for their fairs and parties, as something "cultural, funny and fun". " "Do you think that these shows contradict these shows if instead of people with dwarfism they were made up of people with visual, intellectual or reduced mobility?" Orviz asked the parliamentarians.

Felipe Orviz and Saulo Fernández, social psychologist of the UNED and technical advisor of the Alpe Foundation, have insisted on asking the deputies and senators to safeguard the rights, dignity and decency of these people and this time "do not lose the opportunity" to ban this kind of shows. Orviz added that already last September, when he appeared before the European Parliament, the institutions were "shocked" because "they did not understand how a country like Spain, a benchmark for advances in civil and social rights, protected and regulated" situations and comic-bullfighting shows, where the condition of dwarfism is denigrated.


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