March 4, 2021

The political future of Puerto Rico is uncertain three days after Rosselló's departure

The political future of Puerto Rico is still uncertain three days after Ricardo Rosselló's resignation becomes effective, and without glimpsing who will replace him in the governorate, from which he resigned after a crisis generated by a controversial chat.

Since a Rosselló chat was known with members of the Executive, in Puerto Rico there were several protests that triggered the resignation of the governor on July 24, as well as the resignation of some of its officials such as the Secretary of State, Luis Rivera , which according to the law is who should occupy the governorate.

In the chat, both, along with other advisors, insult and make fun of various groups such as the LGBT, women, artists, journalists and politicians.

After Rivera, it is up to the secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez, to assume the position of the governor, however, she herself has already expressed not having interest in that position, while the voices of protest against her for allegations of corruption increase.

In addition, the spokesmen of the opposition Popular Democratic Party (PPD), in the Senate and House, Eduardo Bhatia and Rafael Hernández, and the representative Luis Vega, announced Monday that they will challenge any candidate for governor, which is not confirmed by the Legislative Assembly.

"We urge the PNP leadership to avoid a constitutional crisis that this people does not deserve," they said in a statement.

The lack of interest already expressed twice by the secretary of Justice makes it necessary to appoint a secretary of state three days after Rosselló becomes the first governor in Puerto Rico to leave the post in full mandate.

One of the names that sounds insistent for the position of secretary of state is that of the resident commissioner of Puerto Rico before the US House of Representatives, Jennifer Gonzalez.

However, Gonzalez stressed Tuesday that no one has contacted her to assume the secretary of state, in addition, she said she was out of the evaluation process and indicated that she does not support any specific candidacy for that position.

"A property secretary of state must be appointed as soon as possible to have a person who can hold the position, give direction, stability and credibility to the island," Gonzalez said in a statement.

Puerto Rico has "many trained, experienced and honest people" for the position, he added.

"A few days ago I made myself available to work with people who, by order of constitutional succession, could hold the position. That did not mean endorsing (supporting) the candidacy of any person, just my willingness and desire to work in teams so that the island goes ahead, "he reiterated.

Finally, he said he did not agree that the position is vacant and it is time for an orderly transition. The period of uncertainty has to end to give guidance to the function of government and stability to our economy.

Another of the names that are being considered is that of the Senate leader, Thomas Rivera, interim president of the New Progressive Party (PNP), in the government, after Rosselló's resignation to the leadership of that group.

On Facebook, this Monday, he said that all "recommendation and advice (on the matter of the secretary of state) should be well received and we will do so. We will listen, analyze and try to find good faith for each council and then we will work with that" .

"When the time comes, we will act according to the mandate we receive at the polls and to our conscience," Rivera said.

Another of the candidates with whom they have been speculated is that of the mayor of Bayamón -in the north-, Ramón Luis Rivera, however, said Tuesday that "I have never received approaches to occupy any position in the central government. We remain focused. in the city of Bayamón ".

Finally, the governor's wife, Beatriz Rosselló, released an image on Instragam on Tuesday in which she declares herself proud of her husband, who, he says, leaves with the "mission accomplished."

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