November 25, 2020

The policemen talk about the series ‘Anti-riot’: “If Rufián likes it, put yourself at worst”

An image from the series & # 039; Anti-riot & # 039;.

An image from the series ‘Anti-riot’.

“If you like Gabriel Ruffian, put yourself in the worst. “It is the opinion of a veteran uipero (agent of the IPU or riot police) of the National Police about the controversy with the ‘Anti-riot’ series. He alludes to the tweet by the Esquerra Republicana politician in which he recommends seeing it and assures that it is “one of the best series I have ever seen”, while stating that “It is not a series, it is a documentary.”

Another sub-inspector of riot control, who a year ago participated in the deployment against the protests in Urquinaona Square in Barcelona, ​​believes that some aspects of the series can “hurt”. “We are on the streets all day, a year ago in Barcelona I saw hatred in the eyes of many people. I do not think it is very wise to explain our protocols and ways of working in a series.”

Supervised scripts

The ten riot police consulted by El Periódico de Catalunya believe that the series “is very well accomplished and formally set”, in the words of one of them. In fact, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, the director, had the collaboration of members of the UIP. And the scripts, at least some drafts, were supervised by members of the National Police, as confirmed to this newspaper. A sub-inspector adds that “the Puma 93 exists and it is a real team of the Police UIP that is on the street. In the series they even come out their real identification numbers. “

Another veteran uipero, who works in Catalonia, explains that “it is a fiction and in many ways it does not reflect reality, just as that journalists series did not reflect, I suppose, what a newspaper writing is”. He concludes that “the image he conveys of us is not good. I have been in the unit for more than 15 years and I have never seen a flag or a Francoist sticker on any van, as seen in one of the chapters “.

What has bothered the uiperos is the treatment of the main characters: the six members of a team, called Puma 93, who participate in the eviction of a corrala in Madrid ending in tragedy. “One takes cocaine, the other gives marijuana, a third is unbalanced … There is not a normal one,” they emphasize. And they affirm that these cases are an absolute minority, a very small percentage among the 2,400 riot police in the Corps, the same as there may be in other groups.

“A trash”

‘Anti-riot’ has raised blisters among the police unions. The three majority unions, JUPOL (Police Justice), SUP (Unified Police Union) and CEP (Spanish Police Confederation) have harshly criticized the series. From the first of them they qualify the fiction of “real rubbish that stains the image of the IPU (Police Intervention Unit) and the professionals that make up an elite unit of the National Police “.

His spokesman, Pablo Pérez, assures, in statements to El Periódico de Catalunya, that the series “has offended almost all the comrades” of UIP: “There is no way to take it. that are part of it no sunor they are not drug addicts or violent, quite the opposite. The fellow UIPs are super healthy, they follow strict diets, they go to the gym, they take good care of themselves, they don’t drink alcohol “.

The example of Catalonia

Pérez adds: “The IPUs are trained to try to avoid confrontation. The comrades of this unit only act when they have no other choice. The best example is what happened in Catalonia, where the agents held carts and wagons before intervening, only carrying out containment work until they were attacked and the situation became untenable. ”

For its part, the SUP assures that the fiction is “very far from reality” and they list that the UIP workers “are normal people” and “defenders of the institutional order.” Furthermore, from the unified union they show their support for the IPU as an “internationally recognized elite unit of the National Police.”

As for the CEP, it has sent a letter to the General Police Directorate demanding that it be investigated who gave the permits to shoot the series in police facilities and authorized police officials to advise the scriptwriters and the director. In his opinion, Anti-riot presents the police officers as “violent, unstable and drug addicted.”

Other National Police sources insisted that ‘Anti-Riot’ is “a fiction series, not a documentary.” And they explained that there are hundreds of series in the United States about corrupt police officers and even murderous government presidents, alluding to ‘House of Cards’. “There may be colleagues who do not like the series, as I do not like ‘The Island of Temptations’. It is enough not to see them,” they add.


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