The police who investigated Cursach deny having coerced witnesses to incriminate the tycoon

The interrogations regarding the circumstances surrounding the investigations against the Mallorcan businessman Bartolomé Cursach, accused of being part of an alleged mafia network under the protection of police authorities, continue in the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJIB). This Thursday it was the turn of the Laundering inspector of the National Police and an agent of the same group, who, as investigated, have denied having threatened or intimidated witnesses into accusing numerous local police officers of being part of a network aimed at protect the interests of the tycoon.

From the first hour, the president of the TSJIB, Carlos Gómez, in charge of the investigations, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the defenses of both policemen have directed the appearances in order to clarify the facts, after yesterday the judge who instructed for three years the Cursach case, Manuel Penalva. He also assured that at no time did he instruct the witnesses to reinforce the thesis of an alleged network around the Cursach empire and defended, once again, the work he carried out at the head of the cause.

Along the same lines, both the Laundering inspector and the agent, who together with two other colleagues turned to the investigations aimed at lifting the carpets of this alleged plot, have stated that they never guided the statements of the protected witnesses in the Cursach case, especially that of a trilero that moved through the area where several of the leisure businessman’s discos are located and that, according to Anticorrupción and the other accusations, would have been used by Penalva and Subirán to prop up their thesis in exchange for procedural benefits in another cause.

The two investigated have insisted on defending their work, although the inspector of the police group has asserted, regarding one of the witnesses on whose manifestations the investigations were based, ‘el Ico’ -son of the historic matriarch of the shanty town of Son Banya , ‘La Paca’-, used to declare according to the “interests” that moved him at a certain time.

Likewise, in relation to the trilero -who then held the status of protected witness 26 and yesterday refused to testify for these facts-, the agent who has testified after the inspector has stressed on several occasions that there were times when the witness “did not he knew how to distinguish left from right. ” In any case, the police officer has clarified that he was only a “rank officer”, stating several times not to know why he is being investigated. Some comments that have provoked the reaction of the magistrate, who, visibly annoyed, has urged him to ask his lawyer.

The interrogations of these days focus, above all, on the role played by that witness -now investigated- after the Civil and Criminal Chamber revoked the decision that its own president adopted on December 1: that of ending to the investigation of these investigations and to bring down the most serious crimes that weighed on Penalva and Subirán, including the alleged coercion to which, according to the private accusations and the Madrid Anticorruption prosecutors in the case, they had subjected different protected witnesses of the Cursach case.

Regarding the trilero, a report that the National Police delivered to the TSJIB considers that his testimony was key in corroborating the statements that, until then, had been made by the main witness in the Cursach case, Daniel Corral – former witness 29 – about the alleged parties with policemen held at Tito’s, the Mallorcan businessman’s flagship, and how the drugs allegedly used in them were transported from a sailboat moored in front of the nightclub and then placed in briefcases inside the nightclub.

According to the National Police report, “what mattered was to save at all costs the version of the protected witness 29, generic and sometimes grotesque and excessive.” To do this, the report continued, former prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subirán “was out of his mind” to locate a witness who corroborated such incriminations. “Part of the numerous whatsapps that the Blanqueo group kept open and whose members commented on the day after day The vicissitudes of the investigations have the trilero as the epicenter and reveal the outrage that, supposedly, the attitude of the former prosecutor would have generated among the members of Blanqueo.

“Now it turns out that this guy [el testigo protegido 26] It is the rosette stone and the fault that it does not appear is the Police, who neither heard it, nor summoned it and only knows it by hearsay, “says one of the policemen.” Subiranadas !! “,” Fuck it. and that he abandon the case, “says another agent, while an inspector proclaims:” He is doing the same as with Cursach. “Above all, it is expected that tomorrow the other two members of Laundering who participated in the judicial procedure will also be questioned.


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