January 26, 2021

The police watch Ecija to prevent altercations by death in a shooting of a man

The police watch Ecija to prevent altercations by death in a shooting of a man

Several police patrols have been deployed in Écija (Seville) to prevent incidents after the shooting death this afternoon of a man whose personal data have not been disclosed, but who has caused dozens of people both relatives of the deceased and those injured in this event, concentrate in the local hospital.

Sources of the investigation have reported that patrols of both National and Local Police have been moved this afternoon to the High Resolution Hospital of the town, after appearing in the same relatives of the deceased and the people injured in this event, in order to prevent altercations.

The agents have positioned themselves in different points of the locality, also to prevent new events or reprisals, after the death of a man victim of the wounds suffered during a shooting in the area popularly known as 'Cuesta Blanca'.

The incident took place around 4.30 pm, when a person had alerted the emergency services indicating that there was a man seriously injured by gunfire, who had been transferred in a private car to the hospital.

The same person who warned of the event indicated that there were several injured by the same events, all in a place near a road that leads to the Vía Augusta urbanization of the Sevillian municipality.

Finally, the injured has died in the astigitano hospital.

The judge of the local guard has decreed the secrecy of the summary of this case.


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