Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The police requisition in 'OkDiario' the files of the cell phone of the adviser of Pablo Iglesias

La Policía requisa en ‘OkDiario’ los archivos del móvil de la asesora de Pablo Iglesias

Agents of the Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police they appeared this Friday in the writing of
with a court order to requisition the material that could act in its power from the mobile what was subtracted in 2016 to the adviser of Pablo Iglesias, Dina Bousselham, and whose content appeared among the archives intervened at the retired commissioner and in provisional prison José Manuel Villarejo.

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As has advanced eldiario.es and have confirmed to Europa Press in legal sources, the entry into OkDiario is motivated by a brief submitted by Podemos, which is the popular accusation in the case that investigates the ex-clerk in the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court, requesting that it proceed to requisition the material that could keep this means of communication.

After the judge agreed the measure, the agents appeared on Friday in the drafting of OkDiario, requested the material and moved the ban on publishing more content from the Bousselham mobile phone, according to the same sources consulted.

Agents moved the ban on publishing more content from Bousselham's mobile phone

The adviser denounced in 2016 the stealing your mobile phone, same year in which OkDiario He posted a screenshot of a chat he shared with Pablo Iglesias and other members of the party in which he poured contemptuous statements about a television host.

When the Internal Affairs officers investigating the material intervened in Villarejo found a file with the contents of the telephone, Judge Manuel García Castellón called the National Court both Iglesias and Bousselham, who appeared as a private accusation.

In that first statement, the leader of Podemos explained that the president of Grupo Zeta, Antonio Asensio, called him at the time, told him that he had reached one of the group's magazines the contents of the phone and gave it to him because he did not It was going to be published. Asensio himself was cited as a witness and confirmed this matter, as well as pointing out that the information had landed on the already extinct Interview coming from an anonymous source.

The president of the Zeta Group

Antonio Asensio pointed out that Bousselham's mobile information had reached Interview coming from an anonymous source

In parallel, the judge questioned the commissioner Villarejo about why the adviser's mobile content was among his files. He affirmed, as informed by legal sources, that it had been delivered by the then director of the Interviú magazine, Alberto Pozas, whom he did not mention, however, by name.

His lawyer added in statements to the press that Villarejo "vehicled" that private information in the framework of a police investigation that was underway about the leader of Podemos, the same whose legitimacy is under the focus of the researchers because it generated the so-called 'PISA Report (Pablo Iglesias S.A.)'According to which the party would have been financed with Venezuelan money and to which no judge or prosecutor gave credibility.

Next Monday, Pozas, who until his resignation this Friday was general director of National Information of La Moncloa, is cited as a witness in the National Court.

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