June 14, 2021

The police released in Huelva a pregnant minor who was sold by his parents for 8,000 euros | Society

The police released in Huelva a pregnant minor who was sold by his parents for 8,000 euros | Society

Stock image of the police. In video, statements by the spokesperson of the National Police, María Buyo.

The police have released a pregnant Romanian minor in Huelva who was sold by her parents in exchange for 8,000 euros. The girl, aged 16, was sent from Romania to Spain through a document in which the parents authorized their daughter to leave the country and reside in Huelva. There she was handed over to a Romanian family to marry. Police have now arrested four people in the province of Huelva, including the mother of the girl, and also the father has been arrested in Romania by the authorities of this country.

After the sale, the parents falsely denounced the abduction of the minor. They said the girl had been kidnapped in the street by four individuals, who allegedly put her in a car by force and sent to Spain. The police investigation has revealed, however, that it was actually the parents who sold their daughter.

In the parents' complaint, they said that their daughter had contacted them from Spain saying that she had been forced to marry a man. Supposedly, later the minor asked for money to return home, saying that she was beaten and forced to prostitute herself in hostess clubs. In her complaint, the parents included a photograph that the minor allegedly sent to her brother in which he appeared with his arm in plaster and a black eye.

In fact, according to the police, the family wanted to recover the 16-year-old girl to make a second sale, apparently more profitable, to another Romanian citizen with greater purchasing power. The only payments that the police have been able to verify are those that the mother of the minor received for their sale, but in no case has it been proven that the amounts that the parents alleged that their daughter claimed had occurred.

In a first police intervention has been arrested three members of the Romanian family allegedly had retained the child for a crime of trafficking in human beings through forced marriages. It is about the matriarch and two of their children. One of them is the husband of the girl, who has also been charged with a crime of sexual abuse. For the arrest of the parents of young pregnant women, European orders were requested for simulation of crime and trafficking in human beings. When it was learned that the mother was in Huelva, she was immediately arrested.

After the arrests, the minor has been transferred to a center of minors dependent on the Junta de Andalucía, where she is being attended. From the Federation of Romanian Associations of Andalusia warns that the problem of selling minors is not something exclusively Romanian, but occurs in environments of extreme poverty, although they recognize that the latest cases that have transpired publicly are related to families of this country.


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