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The Police receives two other complaints and more against the doctor of Canalejas - La Provincia

The Police receives two other complaints and more against the doctor of Canalejas - La Provincia

Two women joined the twenty complaints of sexual abuse filed by as many patients of the family doctor Carlos L. of the health center of Canalejas, reported yesterday from the National Police before predicting more accusations after receiving numerous testimonies about the criminal behavior of the 65-year-old health professional during the last days, following the publication of the case in the media last Monday.

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In fact, the General Directorate of the Police already announced that a complaint filed at the end of November allowed locating another 99 women who had requested the change of Carlos L. as assigned primary care physician, of whom at least twenty alleged cases touching of a sexual nature in the public consultation of the arrested doctor. After describing "identical facts" to the story of the first woman, "they also acknowledged not having denounced out of fear in some cases and shame in others," the sources explained in a press release earlier in the week.

At least, the public dissemination of the alleged abuses committed by the specialist in family and community medicine, as well as in geriatrics, has already managed to get two other patients to overcome their fear and embarrassment, so that the case is broadened in a reserved manner from end of last year by the Court of Instruction Number 3 of the Gran Canaria capital. After his police arrest and judicial declaration, at the beginning of March, Carlos L. remains on provisional liberty by decision of the judge on duty, who sent an official letter to the health authorities to prohibit the person under investigation "immediately and in a precautionary manner" from the exercise of medicine in both public and private centers.

In parallel, in addition, the Court of Instruction Number 2 advances in another criminal proceeding against the family doctor and geriatrician, with private consultation in the capital Viera and Clavijo Street, after the denunciation of another patient for similar events occurred in the consultation of Canalejas during August 2016, for which the Prosecutor of the Canary Islands requests four years in prison and five years of professional suspension when considering their conduct constituting the crime of sexual aggression.

Another detention

Moreover, the professional born in Calatayud (Zaragoza) in 1954 but living in Gran Canaria since 1985 accumulates four other similar complaints, filed by as many patients between 2005 and 2017, even with the result of his detention in the primary care center of Canalejas during March 2010, although all legal proceedings were filed.

Now, however, Carlos L. faces a judicial process with the accusations of more than twenty patients for alleged sexual abuse thanks to a first complaint from an affected woman and the subsequent work of police officers to locate almost a hundred possible victims . The initial complainant of the case against Carlos L. reported in the Superior Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands that, after attending the consultation of his family doctor at the Canalejas health center, he had repeatedly been the victim of sexual touching on the part of of the professional

In addition, the woman told the agents that it was not an isolated incident but that it had been happening for several months, according to the official note, so after overcoming the fear and shame she decided to put the


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