May 17, 2021

The police look for the ex-boyfriend of the young woman killed in Alcorcón | Society

The police look for the ex-boyfriend of the young woman killed in Alcorcón | Society

The police are looking for the boyfriend of Rocío M., 19 years old and presumed murderer of Denisa María, the 17-year-old Romanian girl murdered in Alcorcón, reports Efe. Police sources consulted by this newspaper say that this man, named Mario Tabanera and ex-boyfriend of Denisa, accompanied the alleged author of the crime to the place where the girl was stabbed, and in which, according to Efe, the police have found three knives you are analyzing to determine if any of them was the murder weapon. A neighbor who witnessed the event assures that Rocío M. was accompanied by someone who was hanging around the building before the alleged murderess knocked on the door.

Rocío M., who on Wednesday goes to court, had been ruminating his revenge for months. Since she saw an exchange on WhatsApp of her boyfriend, Mario Tabanera, with one of her ex-partners. He left in writing the plan he wanted to carry out against that girl: "I'm going to cut you." The police suspect that it was she who, on Sunday night, knocked on the door of the place where Denisa María was, and the stabbed to death.

Since the girl was murdered in Alcorcón, a dormitory city in the south of Madrid, the investigators focused the investigations on Rocío, whom they consider the maximum suspect and who was arrested on Monday in the Toledo town of Ventas de Retamosa. This young woman, daughter of a civil guard stationed in the province of Toledo, became obsessed with Denisa, to whom she sent continuous threats through social networks. Something the parents of the minor murdered were aware of.

Denisa's father, Daniel Dragan, a Romanian who arrived in Madrid 14 years ago when his only daughter was only a girl of three, thought about taking matters into his own hands. He called Mario, the ex-boyfriend and current partner of Rocío, a boy with a puffed cap who likes dangerous dogs. "Do not worry, it's women's things", was the macho response of the young man, who also lived in Alcorcón. The investigators believe that the boy was the one who took Rocío M. to the building and pointed out where Denisa lived.

Rocío M, the alleged murderer of a minor in Alcorcón.
Rocío M, the alleged murderer of a minor in Alcorcón.

The father says that he remained calm with the explanations of Tabanera. In part, because whoever threatened her was the daughter of an agent. Now she regrets not having stopped that hatred towards her daughter: "For not doing so, she is in the cemetery." The corpse of the young woman was buried on Tuesday in Alcorcón. Exhausted faces and faces on a cold and unpleasant afternoon. Around 60 people, friends and relatives of Denisa who carried lighted candles, gathered in the chapel of the funeral home to say goodbye to the minor during the mass, which was performed in Romanian.

Before beginning the homily, the father of the victim tried to find an explanation for the inexplicable: "Adolescents can not solve their problems thinking they are adults, because they are not". And he took the opportunity to express "grief" for the parents of the alleged murderer. After his break with Mario in June 2018 after a year of relationship, Denisa, daughter of divorced parents, began dating a boy named Ivan, son of a bricklayer.

The couple lived in a room located in the basement of a building, a space of 50 square meters that Ivan adapted as a home. The small home is hidden behind a gray door of work. It was the one that Denisa opened just before receiving five stabs. At that time I was talking to a friend on the phone who heard the scuffle prior to the assault. Denisa asked for help.

In the same tone as her ex-husband, the victim's mother asked that her daughter's crime serve to prevent more murders among teenagers. "Young people can not behave like that, they have to talk, as they did before," he said. She treasures a video of her daughter a month ago at Warner Park in Madrid, riding a roller coaster.

Five friends of Denisa hugged the door of the room where the body was veiled. The majority, minors, like the murdered young woman, who came with their mothers to give their condolences to the relatives of the victim. Neighbors and friends of Denisa built an altar in the place where the crime was committed: white and red candles that the girl's father placed early Monday. Along with these, messages of love and memory to the victim stuck on the facade also covered the door of the place where the crime was committed.

Andrea, a teenager who went with the girl to dance class when they were both small, took out a pen and began to write a letter: "Dear Denisa, my blonde, that you know I will always remember you …". Antonia, a lady who was passing by at that time, said she would light two candles for her in the privacy of her home, even though she did not know her. "She could be anybody's daughter, who kills a young woman who attacks everyone," she said through tears.


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