The Police leave the former Bárcenas driver and two other agents implicated in Kitchen without a job and salary

The National Police have left Sergio Ríos, the former driver of the former PP Treasurer Luis Bárcenas, without a job and salary, and two other agents involved in the Kitchen operation investigated by the National Court, Commissioner Andrés Gómez Gordo and Chief Inspector José Ángel Fuentes Gago, police sources have informed Europa Press.

The three doors of Kitchen that Judge García Castellón closed and that the National Court will decide whether to reopen

The three doors of Kitchen that Judge García Castellón closed and that the National Court will decide whether to reopen

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The decision to remove them from their posts, advanced by ‘El Confidencial’, includes these three policemen who were among those appearing in the investigation commission for the Kitchen case opened in the Congress of Deputies.

Sergio Ríos, who joined the National Police after providing his services as a driver to the Bárcenas family, he was silent before the repeated questions of the deputies. “It is being investigated and there is a very important part still under secret, I am going to avail myself of my right not to answer,” he said.

Indicated by other commissioners as the person captured by the alleged corrupt plot for the surveillance of the family of the former PP treasurer, Sergio Ríos endured more than an hour of questions about his relationship with the commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and his “passage as a doorman at the brothel “to the driver of Francisco Granados and Luis Bárcenas,” and from there to the Police, “despite being reminded that he had one of the worst marks on the entrance exam. All this, with continuous warnings that he ran the risk of going down in history as a “snitch.”

Commissioner Andrés Gómez Gordo avoided answering questions about his involvement in the ‘Kitchen’ plot as well as his relationship with the former leader of the PP María Dolores de Cospedal or the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior in order, as he said in Congress, not to harm his defense strategy in the National High Court.

Gómez Gordo, who was Cospedal’s position of trust in its stage as president of Castilla-La Mancha, has been pointed out by other commanders as the person who captured Sergio Ríos, Bárcenas’ driver.

José Ángel Fuentes Gago was assigned to the Deputy Directorate of Operations (DAO) of the National Police when the alleged case of espionage against Bárcenas took place, with Jorge Fernández Díaz being Minister of the Interior.

The chief inspector of the Police assured in Congress that he had no relationship or knew anything in relation to this operation to steal sensitive information from the ex-treasurer of the PP. In addition, he regretted that “no one paid any attention” to the need to investigate the leak of a report on the assets of retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, whose arrest in 2017 precipitated the investigation that led to the Kitchen case.


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