Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

The police investigates the death of a baby and the injuries of his twin in Ourense | Society

The police investigates the death of a baby and the injuries of his twin in Ourense | Society

The judicial group of the Police Station of the National Police of Ourense has opened an investigation this Wednesday to determine the causes of the death of a two-month-old baby in the family home and the circumstances that led to the admission of his twin brother with a fracture in the ribs in the Intensive Care Unit of Pediatrics of the Complex Hospitable University of Ourense (CHUO). According to police sources have reported, "there is a baby who has appeared dead and his brother is admitted to the hospital with costal injuries", so "from the first moment the judicial group of the police station has initiated the investigation."

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According to the local newspaper The region, who has advanced the news, the Office of the Children's Prosecutor opened a protection file for the Xunta de Galicia to take charge of the baby admitted while waiting for the investigation to proceed. Sources of the Ministry of Social Policy have explained that the social worker of the hospital alerted the Xunta "to assume the provisional custody of the child." Since the Consellería have insisted that it is a provisional measure that is taken "before the possibility or doubt that the baby may be in a situation of risk to continue with his family." In this way, the Xunta de Galicia assumes provisional guardianship, a grade lower than that of guardianship.

The region has informed in its digital edition that it was the parents of the babies who requested the attention of the emergency services. According to this newspaper, the autopsy has not determined the cause of death, but "violent or criminal etiology" is ruled out. Although more forensic evidence is awaited, the inquiries also suggest that there was no negligence in the care of the babies.

In addition, the parents of the minors, according to The region, have explained that the injuries of the baby occurred when he tried to revive him to the problems he suffered to breathe after taking a bottle. Sources of the investigation discard that these are due to episodes of mistreatment. The ocular inspection carried out by the policemen in the family home, located in Julio Prieto Nespereira Street, did not detect habitability problems either.

Sources of the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) have also indicated that there are some preliminary proceedings initiated "as always happens in this type of deaths", but have pointed out that at the moment "there are no investigated in the cause".


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