April 13, 2021

The Police intervenes 3,900 kilos of hashish hidden in a house in Estepona

The Police intervenes 3,900 kilos of hashish hidden in a house in Estepona

Agents of the National Police have intervened 3,900 kilos of hashish that were hidden in a house located in Estepona (Málaga). During the development of the operation, a 24-year-old man has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health. The investigation continues open to locate and detain the rest of those involved in the custody and custody of the narcotic substances intervened.

The intervention was initiated as a result of the investigations carried out in the rural area of ​​Estepona (Málaga), where apparently a group that introduced narcotic substances across the coast by sea was using this place as a hashish custody area.

A suspicious SUV

While the agents performed their own research, they located an all-terrain vehicle that was traveling at high speed after leaving a farm. For that reason they approached until the farm from which the vehicle had left, and once there they observed two people who were preparing to leave one of the houses in a hurry. At that time, investigators intercepted one of the suspects, which turned out to be a 24-year-old Moroccan youth who allegedly was in charge of guarding the drug that was later on intervened. The other individual, noticing the police presence, fled the scene aboard a vehicle circulating recklessly. In his escape one of the investigators was forced to avoid him to avoid being run over. Next, after giving numerous batidas by the zone it was possible to locate the abandoned tourism but not to the individual who had fled.

Later a search was made inside the suspicious house in which they located 118 bales of hashish with an approximate weight of about 3,900 kilograms, in addition to another series of tools used for the commission of the crime investigated.

The Judicial Authority has already decreed the imprisonment of the detainee after being placed at his disposal. The investigation continues open with the objective of finding out the identity of the rest of the people involved in the facts investigated.


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