The Police inspects more than 2,000 bars for emitting matches of the League fraudulently

The Police inspects more than 2,000 bars for emitting matches of the League fraudulently


The National Police has requisitioned more than eight hundred illegal decoders used by public establishments for the fraudulent emission of soccer matches of the League in the framework of a national investigation in which more than two thousand venues have been inspected.

As reported by the National Police and LaLiga in separate statements, at the end of November 2018 legal representatives of the sports organization denounced the holders of various public establishments in various parts of Spain for an alleged crime against intellectual property.

The managers of the premises allegedly made available to their customers all football matches, which are protected by the rules of intellectual property, without authorization or license.

For this they used different modalities, especially the illegal decoders – "vitaminados" – to which the firmware is altered to allow access to the private signal and thus offer it to customers without paying for the rights.

This crime, according to the operation of the Central Cybercrime Unit of the National Police, would negatively affect not only LaLiga but also the rest of public establishments that do pay the fees corresponding to the legal issuance of sports content.

The complaints by LaLiga are the result of the work of a team created specifically for the detection of establishments that broadcast matches without paying for licenses.

This team, so far this season football, has already detected more than nine thousand fraudulent emissions after researching more than twenty thousand visits to public places.

On this occasion, 60% of the premises inspected by the Police after the LaLiga complaint developed illegal activities.


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