The police denounce that they confine all the prisoners of Madrid infected or with symptoms in eight cells of Moratalaz

The agents complain about the lack of protocol and the means to disinfect cells and the comparative grievance with the agents of the Scientific

An agent of the Security and Dungeons Service of the National Police Station of the Moratalaz district has denounced that, according to the "verbal order" of those responsible for the Security and Protection Area and the Central Register of Detainees, the dungeons of those police units Moratalaz has been using them since last Saturday to house "all detainees" from the Madrid Police Headquarters "who present symptoms or are infected by Covid-19". In this way, those infected by the coronavirus would be mixing with detainees who present, for example, a simple dry cough. The agent complained that they were unaware of the protocol established to act with this type of detainee and that the Moratalaz police agencies "do not have sufficient personnel in the security service and dungeons." In addition, it denounces that of the ten cells that are in these police units, only eight are "operational" because the other two "are occupied one, with used mats and blankets and the other with supposedly clean blankets" and that, in case If there were many detainees, "quickly the available cells would be occupied because, according to this official, it does not seem correct to put several detainees together in the same cell."

No means to disinfect

The official claims that they do not have the means to disinfect the cells once the detainee leaves the police station and that they have not been assigned the appropriate material (nitrile gloves of various sizes, FFP2 or FFP3 masks, protective glasses and disinfecting gels) to "face this imposition". He also regrets that, when the agents of the Scientific Police Brigade come to the police station to perform the fingerprint review of the detainees, “they are equipped with personal protection equipment (EPIS), representing a significant comparative grievance with the rest of the officials assigned to this security service ”.


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