Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The police camera that watches Iglesias' house was pirated

La cámara policial que vigila el chalé de Iglesias fue pirateada

We can report to Interior at the end of October that a camera that was part of the security device of the Civil Guard installed outside the house of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero in Galapagar it had been pirated and that the images circulated on the internet through a web that broadcast live.

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Podemos management sources have confirmed to The vanguard This information is advanced by El País and has been considered "evidence of harassment and espionage of the State sewers to the Secretary General of the third political force in this country." The same sources insist that "it is still surprising that the other parties assume it without putting the cry in the sky".

It is still surprising that the other parties assume it without putting the cry in the sky

We know through an anonymous message that that camera, placed outside the church villa in Galapagar and pointing to the entrance of the house, had been intervened. The images that it captured could be seen live on the internet on a free access website.

At the end of last October, the formation of churches informed the police that the camera had been pirated, after which the police authorities solved the problem and informed Podemos that it was solved, although the party has no record of it being opened. no investigation in this regard, according to sources consulted by Efe.

The same sources emphasize that the details of the security device that the Ministry of the Interior approved to increase the surveillance in the house of the leader of Podemos leaked and spread days before the camera was hacked.

Other sources cited by Europa Press explain that the pirated camera was camouflaged and monitored the outer perimeter of the Galapagar villa, a security measure that was adopted to avoid graffiti on the facade and, above all, to protect the police car also camouflaged and that It was then part of the security device on housing.

We received in October an anonymous email warning of hacking -Interior does not specify whether it included screenshots with images from the security camera-, which led to the opening of an investigation by the Civil Guard. After losing the track on a server in Singapore, the Ministry decided to disconnect the camera, reset it and reconnect it with additional security measures.

However, Interior sources consulted by Europa Press specify that the surveillance camera on the outer perimeter of the chalet remained active "a few weeks", since shortly after this incident was removed and replaced by the current checkpoint of the Civil Guard that monitors the house of Galapagar.

Pablo Iglesias has denounced in recent days the police maneuvers to harm Podemos, especially as a result of the investigation in the National Court, within the 'case Villarejo', which splashes other officers of the Jorge Fernández Diaz stage in the Ministry of the Interior and that supposedly they would have collected data to harm the formation of the house. According to the leader of Podemos, the 'sewers' of the State are still active today, something that has been repeatedly denied by Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

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