January 24, 2021

The police ask for help to locate the author of a murder in Malaga

The police ask for help to locate the author of a murder in Malaga

The National Police requests citizen collaboration to locate the alleged perpetrator of a homicide committed last December 30 in Malaga. It is a man of 31 years, Spanish, of approximately 1.70 meters, white skin, about 70 kilos in weight and short hair with entries presenting, as a characteristic feature, one of the fractured or missing lower incisors and a black upper incisor.

On the day of the crime, the security cameras of a local recorded images of the alleged author just before committing the act. In them you can see his face and clothing. If any citizen has information, you can provide it through the telephone number 952.046.280

He had several stab wounds on his back

On December 30, the Police received a call at 0645 hours. It communicated the location of a man without vital signs on the public road next to a hotel in the capital of Malaga. Until the scene of the events several agents moved and the first efforts determined that it was not an outrage, since the body had several stab wounds in the back.

The National Police initiated at that moment an exhaustive investigation that determined the presumed participation of two people, a man and a woman. Household searches were carried out in which different pieces of clothing were involved, the vehicle in which the body was moved was located and the garments that both involved left on the street were analyzed.. Both in the vehicle and in the garments left on the street, the police found traces of blood.

Once identified, the National Police focused on locating both people, managing to locate the place where they were hidden for 20 days. The woman was arrested on January 24 and was ordered to enter prison. All the investigation is coordinated by the Court of Instruction number 5 of Malaga.


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