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The 'Poet Toms Morales' is imposed on the 'Guanche people' after a difficult outcome - The Province

The 'Poet Toms Morales' is imposed on the 'Guanche people' after a difficult outcome - The Province

The Poet Tomás Morales Clipper, with patron Kevin Rosales, he won the Memorial contest Vela Latina Canaria, scoring test for the Gran Canaria Cup, marking a time of 1.13: 32. After a disputed race, he prevailed in the hand to hand that he held with the Guanche Village La Paloma Hospital (1.15.02) by José Mari Ponce, second. The third place went to the Villa de Agüimes (1.17.15), skippered by Alejandro Rodríguez.

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With excellent conditions for navigation, the Port of La Luz I opened a test in which I was again absent from the San José Union. The eleven boats put forward the first board to the return to outside and next to begin to turn to negotiate the buoy of Cardoso.

The first boat to make the tack for land is the Port of La Luz, to then do the Chacalote Academia Blanco and the Poet Tomás Morales that it was very close to the ground; what was the Roque Nublo Disa and the Portuaries Belén María Foundation. With more height they sailed Guanche Town, Port Y Spar River War, which are the first three helmets to turn out to half water.

The wind of the land and the waves knocked down the fleet to the south when they approached the buoy. Several vessels had to perform maneuvers to finally negotiate the beacon in the following order: Guanche Town, Port of Light, War of the River, Tomás Morales, Chacalote, Porters, San Cristóbal Atefuer, Villa de Agüimes, Roque Nublo, Minerva Farm Firm Floor Y IMD polyline.

The helmets Guanche Town Y Tomás Morales they were the boats most benefited when passing through the first mark. The regatta was leaving to the step by the second buoy, located in waters of the Castle of San Cristóbal. The Guanche it marked the head followed by Port of Light and the Poet Tomás Morales. Behind progressed a Villa that little by little was approaching the head.

Already in the waters of the Vegueta district, the fleet maintained itself with the same race head and waiting for the passage through the last mark. Guanche Y Poet they were planted on the finish line with advantage for the helmet Joselito, leader of the Gran Canaria Cup.


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