The Poet Tomás Morales wins the City Foundation Contest

Morales (3), Guanche People (29 and Puerto de La Luz (33). / JORGE RODRIGUEZ

The boats Tara del Mar and Chacalote did not start. Spar Guerra del Río and San Cristóbal withdrew due to a blunderbuss

The Poeta Tomás Morales Clipper boat prevailed with authority. The regatta sponsored by the Municipal Sports Institute of the city hall was quite a spectacle due to the high incidence of the changing trade winds that put the participating boats in trouble.

Two boats remained in the Sports Pier without being able to sail, the Tara del Mar Daida Dental Clinic Cerrajería La Llave and the Chacalote A Blue Thing in the Cloud. In addition, two other boats, Spar Guerra del Río and Unión San Cristóbal Restaurante Los Botes, misfired at the second mark and had to withdraw.

The eight surviving boats saw them and wished them to reach the finish mark. Offshore wind roles made it almost impossible to control the boats and everyone was in real trouble at various times during this
City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Foundation Competition.

The Poet Tomás Morales Clipper, skippered by Adrián Morales, had the best time of the afternoon, 1:09:34.
It was closely followed by the Hospital La Paloma Pueblo Guanche de José Ponce, 28'', the Minerva Hotels Vistaflor Idamar, with Daniel Rodríguez Zaragoza at the cane, at 1:01 and the Villa de Agüimes Ybarra with Alejandro Rodríguez, who arrived at 1:19 from the San José neighborhood.

The last four boats to arrive were the Puerto de La Luz Fundación Puertos de Las Palmas, the Porteño Atlantec Sabor a Gloria, the Villa de Teror and the Disa Roque Nublo ULPGC, the latter at 11:50 from the winning boat of the contest.

After the dispute of four days,
The Gran Canaria Island Cup is led by Hospital La Paloma Pueblo Guanche, with 8 points, followed by the Poeta Tomás Morales Clipper, with 13 points, the Minerva Hotels Vistaflor Idamar, with 17 and the Puerto de la Luz Fundación Puertos de Las Palmas, with 16.

Next week, on Saturday, July 2 at 5:00 p.m., the Vela Latina Canaria joins the celebration of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a contest that bears its name and that will be the fifth round of the Gran Canaria Island Cup.

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