The podcast conquers the Spanish: 51% already listen to them

A young woman listens to a podcast on a mobile.

A young woman listens to a podcast on a mobile.

The podcast began to attract Spanish listeners during the pandemic, who have maintained their listening habits of this type of content to the point that half of the population already listens to them and a third has become loyal.

Spotify has shared the results of its annual report on podcast consumption habits in Spain in 2021 within the framework of the first ‘PodMonth’, the company’s month dedicated to this format, and with it reveals how this phenomenon is established in Spain and what are the latest trends.

According to the results of the study, 51 percent of Spaniards already consume podcasts and a third (33%) are loyal to the formatWell, they hear it quite often. Only 16 percent admit that they have not yet been encouraged to listen to them.

These data reflect that podcast consumption survives the pandemic, when up to 38 percent became hooked on them during the time of confinement, as detailed from Spotify in a statement.

Regardless of when they started, Spaniards listen to this type of content to relax and disconnect, but also to stay informed and up-to-date on topics that interest them, as well as to learn new things. Another of the main reasons is to entertain yourself and get away from the screens.

Spanish podcast listeners bet on humor -comedy is the category most listened to this year-, music, songs from society and culture, and lifestyle and health. Likewise, the theme of entertainment is the one that has experienced the most growth: its reproductions have grown more than 315 percent since August 2020 in the country.

The data from the Spotify study of 2021 allows us to identify three profiles of listeners: the one who does not have time (63% of listeners prefer episodes to be short, 20 minutes long); the podcast lover (31% opt for the episodes to be long, and listen to 40-minute chapters), and the unconditional fan (6% can listen to podcasts for more than an hour at a time).

Millennials at the fore

Also, the Spotify report shows how podcasts hook both women (52%) and men (49%) equally, although they are increasingly established in certain types of profiles. A) Yes, Millennials win (those between 27 and 39 years of age), as 40 percent of them listen to them very frequently today.

It should be noted that 45 percent of young people up to 35 years old were hooked on podcasts during the time of confinement domiciliary in 2020, which reflects that the majority of this audience has become loyal to the podcast.

And after the ‘millennials’, those who listen to them the most in Spain today is generation Z (people from 18 to 26 years old), followed by generation X (those from 40 to 51 years old) and, finally, the ‘baby boomers’ (people from 52 to 65 years old).

Spaniards bet on listening to podcasts while doing other activities: 50 percent of the total respondents say they listen to them while cleaning and tidying up their house. They are also an accompaniment while cooking (29%), while training or doing sports (25%) and on the way to work, school or home (24%), in a multi-choice question.

And if you pay attention to the days of the week and the time bands in which Spanish listeners prefer to listen to podcasts, Saturday is the favorite day of the week. Regarding the moments of the day, the night wins, but without a clear ideal range: 37 percent listen to them at night, compared to 32 percent who listen to them in the afternoon and 31 percent in the morning.

Finally, the Spotify report also includes the future of the format in Spain. According to the data collected, 92 percent of Spaniards believe that podcast consumption will continue to grow. Listeners are looking forward to more podcasts related to music, education, stories, society and culture, and comedy.


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